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  1. Every time I play psycho fox I always have a little giggle, when the fox punches it looks like he's having a... umm..... you know and Plok and Rayman are just awesome, and Total Drivin is a very under rated racing game. Looks like pish compared to today's standards but still plays well.
  2. SNES Battle Toads in Battlemaniacs Donkey Kong Country 1/2/3 Plok MegamanX 1/2/3 Paradious Street Fighter 2 Turbo Super Mario All Stars + Yoshi's Island Zelda Link to the Past Super Metroid TMNT Turtles in Time GENS Sonic (All) Shinobi MASTER SYSTEM Alex Kid + Shinobi World Spider Man and the Kingpin Action Fighter "Special." Psycho Fox Sonic 1/2/Chaos Wonderboy Dragons trap R-type GAMEBOY Super Mario Land 1/2 Skate or Die Bad n Rad Kung Fu Master Donkey Kong Zelda (all) PLAYSTATION Rayman 1 Megaman x (all) Worms True Pinball Total Drivin Tomb Raider (all) Driver That's all I can think of off the top of my head, there's alot more EDIT: Cant believe I forgot the Zelda's and Super Metroid
  3. rayman was released on ms-dos in 1996 so you might want to try the dos version of rayman with dosxbox.you might have to tweak some of the settings. http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=511265 there is also gba version of rayman you could play on the gba emu for xbox. I've tried Rayman on DosXbox and never managed to get it fullspeed, although DosXbox probably would be the best option because many PSX Emulators have issues with the music synchronizing in Rayman.
  4. I know it doesn't work on PCSXbox, that's why I asked. I just thought it might have been fixed on Coinops. O well, back to waiting. lol Maybe with all the advances PCSX reloaded has made, perhaps it would be better to port that over to xbox?? but thats just me being selfish wanting to play rayman
  5. Playstation version, it's in this coinops compatibility list. http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=733108
  6. Has anybody managed to get Rayman to work in the latest Coinops ?
  7. Just posting to share the knowledge There is a new way to hack the PS2, or more specifically Free MC Boot. Here's the link to the source. http://psx-scene.com/forums/f153/new-way-install-fmcb-88649/
  8. I was given an Xbox with a Crystal case for free as payment for modding his other "working Xbox" lol The only thing wrong with the Crystal Xbox was the drive was stuck, (easy fix) That Crystal Xbox is still my primary Xbox to this day lol
  9. So the pointer goes in roms folder for SD or the RomsN64HiDef folder for HD. Seems so, I have them in both but it seems to prioritise HD.
  10. Yeah, that did it thanks fumanchu. Seems like the long way around to get a game to show up in the list but it worked EDIT: OK..............the games shows up in the list but when I load it it black screens and reloads back to the rom list........Arrrrrgh. EDIT 2: I'm an idiot, I had my pointer/rom files in the wrong/opposite folders
  11. Ok may have spoke too soon, I've got the few Mame roms I transferred over showing up in the list but cant get any N64 roms to show? as a test I have Super Mario 64 in both the RomsN64HiDef folder and the RomsN64 folder, rescanned but still no joy.. The Rom has been renamed to N64_SuperMario64 is that right?
  12. Thanks, downloading now EDIT: Works perfectly, added a few Mame Roms restarted the Emu, rescanned and found them all. Again, nice 1 BP
  13. Nice 1 BP I'll do what you've suggested and post back my results.
  14. I downloaded it for the n64 support, so I put some n64 roms in the roms folder + n64rom folder and i tried deleting the Coinops saves from within xbmc. Although, I haven't tried deleting the saves directly from the xbmc file manager (Tdata/Udata) I'll try and post back results Does there have to be a few mame roms too?
  15. I've just downloaded the Coinops 2 R2 standalone but it doesn't work, it just loops at the press any button screen.
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