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  1. Team-Xecuter presents '14717 RGH' – Dual CB Glitch Achieved on Slim – Phat Next Team-Xecuter been really working fast and hard these last few days and they done it again with news report of getting RGH working Microsoft Xbox 360 Console running on the v14717 dashboard without need of a previous dump or CPU keys! NEWS SOURCE: http://team-xecuter....slim-phat-next/ VIA: http://www.ps3crunch...80%93-Phat-Next
  2. Ah, maybe that's where I was going wrong, I wasn't setting Enable Framskip. Thanks for the tip.
  3. Saw this on another site, it is a brilliant rom hack but it doesnt play well on surreal 64 CE. Do you know what the best settings are for Surreal? Would love to play this on the Xbox
  4. I think a little patience will go a long way. Give it a couple weeks and we may have a software solution, it all depends on how well the dongle is made.
  5. QUOTE FROM PS3CRUNCH Uncharted 3 now 100% working on v3.55 CFW consoles First, we have to clearly give thanks to a PS3 developer that wishes to remain 'uncredited' for making available an v1.00 eboot that loaded and booted Uncharted 3 for v3.55 CFW users. Second, there was some inital problems in getting the game to be fully playable all the way thru, but now thanks to more 'uncredited' sources, the following 26.8mb fix has been released into the wild on the 'net and it allows the game now to be fully working on both external and internal HDD's. SOURCE I wont post the fix links incase they are not allowed here. If anyone has problems following the NFO alot more info can be found through the link above
  6. I thought I'd update you on recent events regarding this new Dongle.. It turns out you no longer need the "special" Bluray Disc's anymore or ANY discs for that matter, Now games will be playable from the HDD!! There's also a list of all the currently compatible games which you can see from the source link in the first post.
  7. Quote from PS3HAX For anyone with a CFW PS3 this is a must read. This maybe (as the title says) Some Potentially Massive News For CFW Users SOURCE
  8. WOW, just wow. Rayman runs flawlessly. Had to change a few settings (frame skip off, use no filter and use a bios) but it's amazing how well it plays, really good job guys. I have noticed an issue tho, in Rayman when I finish a level the games sfx and music goes quiet until I turn the sound back up with the right analogue stick. (it's not really an issue more of a niggle) Again Thanks.
  9. ATM PS2 backups doesn't work with this method but who knows in the future it maybe possible.
  10. Disc Based Backups can now be run on a jailbroken PS3 via the newest version of MultiMAN. All you have to do is burn your backup to a blank CD, pop it in your PS3, load the latest MultiMAN and load the backup from the Games tab. Alot more in detail information can be found here PS3 HAX or here PS3Crunch NOTE: you must create Memory Cards first for saves to work (only needs to be done once) Again, more detailed info can be found in both the links. Have Fun.
  11. There is work being done on Mame for 360 and while I don't know what version the guy is porting, chances are it would run ALOT better on 360 than it does on Xbox.
  12. GliGli released a new hack to boot the Xbox360 into XeLL and thus run homebrew software on your console. It's is compatible with ALL dashboard version and ALL Slim and Fat (expect Xenon, Falcon support will follow later) models and is unpatchable via software updates by Microsoft. From the readme/nfo: Official Site: GliGli Github Download: Here Tutorial/HowTo: Libxenon.org News-Source: XboxScene NEWS VIA WWW.XBOX-SCENE.COM
  13. Oh, and I forgot to mention the Xbox I was given was a Crystal
  14. I got an XBOX for softmodding another XBOX....go figure
  15. So, Rayman works in V2?? Iv'e tried loading it, all I get is a freeze at the ubisoft logo? what are you using..Bin/cue or the sub/ccd/img? and if your using the sub/ccd/img what file do you load in the emu? Thanks
  16. I have the img/sub/ccd format version of the game. Iv'e tried it on the PC version of PCSXR and it still freezes at the ubisoft logo? the BIN/CUE version of the game plays fine but music is off.
  17. I have not tried it, but to be honest i doubt it.... CoinOPS uses the core from PSX Emu your already using so if it dont work on there it wont work on coinops soz bud Dang it, nevermind then:P Do you know why Rayman doesn't work? is it something to do with the cdda audio not being emulating correctly?
  18. Is Rayman working for you on the latest Coinops?
  19. ac3t1ne, did you get around to testing it? I'd Love to play this game
  20. Well, it wouldn't be a 360 it'll rrod in the first 12 months. Mine would probably be a xbox 1 fully loaded with Emulators and films/pron
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