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  1. Had to laugh at BP's latest comments , yeah I still read your site when I need a laugh mate and no I dont use CoinOps 3 or 4 didnt need to fill my drive with bloat . How dare someone express their individuality or freedoms . Why arent you happy to endlessly update a program with stuff you dont want . I wonder if BP can even see that this move will actually work against his own project , no Im not trying to downplay it or stop it there is NO conspiracy . No dats endless bloat , full rarred torrents thats have to be downloaded each and every time he says something new and astounding is afoot. So far the only foot I see is either in your mouth or up your own A@# . Thanks for the entertainment on some dull nights though , and I dont mean your nice frontend either .
  2. Its great to see devs working together and releasing sources to each other to further the scene .
  3. lilcuda

    Coinops 3.

    To be honest thats the first time I heard how to do that... you could of suggested that BEFORE it was released not AFTER ! The reason it is raw files is because my upload connection is between 12kb and 60kb so to zip it and reupload it will take ages... you wanna help? you do it ! Pay for the FTP out of your pocket for the files to be stored on so EVERYONE can keep enjoying CoinOPS, do ya mame dat thingy ma wotsit your moaning about, spend hours away from your family in another room creating torrents and checking everyone is connecting OK... Im trying to give back a little to the people because I have taken from the community in the 2 years I have been apart of it! What does everyone else do to help? Halloween is over so drop the coinops witch hunt... This topic is the most 1emu xbox section has seen since trisian's marquee for FBL (nice work by the way) rant over See you in another few weeks ace I did suggest these things at emulab before things went belly up . I congratulate you on all your hard work uploading and seeding the sets , you can stille make a dat file seeing as how you have the full set . Personally I wont download 20gb of stuff I already have from a 50gb torrent. just read BP saying he doesnt release dats as they would be buggy , yes coinops is sooo complicated . every major emulator has one , oh thats right it isnt an emulator just a front end .
  4. lilcuda

    Coinops 3.

    I just wish the people on the release side of things would learn how to make a DAT file and torrentzip the torrents. If your worried about hit and runs than this would help greatly . And no it isnt that hard or complicated , all you have to do is grab datutil . How to use Datutil: run CMD.exe cd to your datutil directory EX: cd C:\datutil type in the games directory EX: For a Romcenter datafile type: datutil -f romcenter2 C:\MyGames For a ClrMamePro datafile type: datutil C:\MyGames now grab torrentzip and the java gui and zip it for consistency .
  5. A couple of things you can try . Put the drive in a usb enclosure and format it that way either with Windows or preferably linux . Start the pc with the drive powered but not attached to the ribbon ( have it seated loosely ) as it gets passed the bios attach it and hope it gets seen when the OS starts to get past the locking , this can be fiddly and would be a matter of timing . USB enclosure is my recommended method .
  6. Have the extra games for coinops 2 r2 been released ? .
  7. A dat would be useful to help a lot of people join the torrent without having to download files they may already have , with the roms being multiple gb's in size thats a lot of downloading for people with slow internet . I appreciate what your saying but even something with the GBA and other console games which wont change with new drivers would go some way to helping .
  8. Hello , Im trying to upgrade from Epic to coinops 2 and ive joined the torrent at around 74% . I just wanted to ask if anyone that has the full set has made a Dat as I would like to get my ratio higher .
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