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  1. My mistake (if I am mistaken), I'm just assuming that he'd sorted PP for fba core by now. Course, now I'm even more confused, as that removes the one benefit I thought there was to running FBA core stuff in Cops.
  2. Denton Burn, sunshine! Had to move away, for work. Still got the accent going on, though! The laydeez loves the accent.
  3. Here's the thing I don't understand with all that running stuff with FBA core in CoinOPS. I get that people want to be able to run stuff from just the one place (sort of), but when you run something with FBA core in CoinOPS, you don't get the options you get in FBA/FBL, do you? Yeah, you get pixel perfect, but you don't get the filters, for example (and I need me the scanlines, bro). Unless I was missing something when I tried it? Anyway, I have to say, love the response to "you been working on this long, iq?" "Oh, I actually did it by accident; got distracted by Eastenders and looked back at my laptop and it was all done. Go figure." Some people just have the right kinda brain. And man, does he have the right kind.
  4. Ugh, just be thankful that person doesn't ruin I mean reside in this forum anymore! much better without him i'd say Indeed. In fact, I only returned here because he left. True story. Holy hell, I just realised you're from the Toon! Small world.
  5. Hah, yeah, good luck with that. There's been a bunch of people (including myself) who wanted to know what additional arcade games had been added from X to Y, but all they got in reply was "compare the gamelists - too many to remember". I actually did this at one point. i.e. compared Epic R6 to R8. Here was the list of "too many to remember": aceattaca desertbr gprider1 MI_A MI_B MI_C MI_D MI_E plegends rachero snowbros3 sonicbom Basically, if you want to know what additional games have been added over a given earlier version, you need to run a database comparison against the gamelist files IN EVERY VERSION. Yes, that is what you're expected to do. Download every version, and compare all of their gamelist files. Seriously.
  6. You pair of beauties. I'll leave you alone now so you can get this sorted soon as!
  7. Awesome news, chaps. Edit: wait, just thought of another question. This is on a 64 xbox, right? Not 128?
  8. You utter genius. Question: how come the old xbox can run this stuff at that speed, but stuff like rdft is (I'm under the impression) just never going to happen? Edit: oh, I'd also be interested to know why you're using FBA - is there some technical reason that it just won't happen at all on FBL 1.3, or are you working up to that?
  9. Nobody ever said any of that. I was merely pointing out one of the many reasons why people might not want to bother discussing anything with you, after your WAH WAH WAH STOP TALKING ABOUT RETARDS post. Which you've edited, like, five times already anyway. + T +: a vote? Little point. Remember: anyone voting against it would be labelled as an xtras guy, and the vote discounted.
  10. I didn't really want to know, thanks. I've given up trying to reason with you. It was an example. You're aware how examples work, right? And yeah, exactly as in my example, the answer is: WAH WAH WAH GO FIND OUT YOURSELF. So I give you an example of why nobody wants to talk to you about your emulator, and not only do you miss my point (*sigh* again), but you actually give me the answer I predicted. Thank you for perfectly illustrating my point about why we should even bother trying to discuss coinops with you.
  11. Good, I'm glad we cleared that up. And yes, you're right: I am great.
  12. Also, we're not even allowed to talk about CoinOPS! You want us to talk about it? Try actually discussing it, then. I'd actually like to be able to do that, but all we get is a wall of WAH WAH WAH. You see? For example: "Hey, BP, what new arcade games have been added since -" "WAH WAH WAH WAH STOP CRYING JUST RUN A DIFF PROGRAM AND FIND OUT YOURSELF CRYBABIES." DO. YOU. SEE?
  13. Yes. Because that's EXACTLY what my post was about. Why am I surprised you missed the point. Heads up for you here: even after your second edit of that post, point still missed by an american country mile.
  14. Have you finished editing this yet? I've counted four edits so far, and it still doesn't make much sense. Genuine question: is English even your first language? If it isn't then fair enough; if it IS... Interesting that you feel the need to brag about any part of your life to me. Interesting, and more than a little desperate. Why do you feel the need to have me impressed with your "achievements"? Also interesting that you've assumed I was some sort of bully at school. Whatever, I care little for what you think of me. Compensation, delusions of grandeur, deflection, several complexes (superiority AND inferiority, as well as an overwhelming need for acceptance and love), and an almost pathological ability to misread. Fascinating. It's an interesting case study. If only I had the time.
  15. I remember - and yes, it's a while back now - at school, there was a kid there called Jason. It wasn't till much later that I found out he was actually autistic - not quite to the level of Dustin Hoffman, but same sort of deal; at the time, we just all thought he was really, really good at maths. He never got any trouble from the nutcases (like some of us did), because he did their homework for them, but every now and then he'd have some sort of episode, where he'd just sit there slamming his fists into the desk. But... you know. Everyone put up with it. While keeping their distance. He was good at maths, see. I also recall that he often brought a note in to get out of swimming, and - naturally - it was only a matter of time before some idiots threw him into the pool, where he had a fit and almost died. He was also the butt of quite a few jokes, but never to his face. Good at maths. Anyway, I'd imagine his school years are not remembered fondly. So about a year or so ago, I bumped into him again. He hadn't changed much; lost some hair, put on a bit of weight - the usual. I acknowledged him, but it was like I wasn't there. For the briefest of moments I thought I seen a glimmer of recognition, but I was mistaken; his eyes held mine long enough to fool me into thinking he'd remembered me, but it was actually more of a thousand yard stare. Pure despair. It was then that I realised that the woman with him wasn't a partner, she was a carer. I'm not entirely sure why I'm bothering to write this. I just felt I should. Edit: as for this - I'm not even sure where to begin. I get the feeling I'm being accused of something, but whatever it is, it's like the deluded ramblings of a retard. Keep staring, Jase.
  16. It isn't your CoinOPS N64. It's an old version of Surreal that you've added some HD code to. I agree with waal so far as you give no credit to those who have actually done 95% of the work that's represented in CoinOPS. Isn't this exactly what he's been complaining about others doing to his precious coinops (and the reason for the "locks")? i.e. butchering older versions and adding your own code so you end up with branching (and "misinformed", remember!) source? Seriously? Run a diff program? Why, it's almost like you'd rather we didn't actually know for certain which games have been "added"...
  17. This thread is pure comedy gold.
  18. Just read the first lines of the readme file in - READ ME folder ^^ BP, can you release a proper .dat for CoinOPS 2 please ? lots of peoples are asking....and please, dont send link for Mameox dat... So to answer the question I need answering before I'll download the emu... I need to read the readme file in the README folder of the emu?
  19. Simple question, BP: have the locks been removed from the standalone CoinOPS 2 release? If we're going to get standalone "point" releases without locks, I'll perhaps continue to upgrade (still a little put off by the threats that have been made, if I'm honest). If not, and the locks are in every release (which is more than a little retarded in the case of the standalone releases - why bother?), I'll stick to Epic R9 and wait for the new Surreal. No wah wah wah justification (I think you'd call it "crying"), just answer the questions.
  20. A little bit of patience, they are finalizing it at the moment. Shouldn't be too long... Okay! Looking forward to that! While on this subject, what is the best recommended current set up for ensuring that N64 stuff just... works? I can't remember what setup I have - I suspect it's CE 5.4 but with a B5.31 CE ini file dropped in there. I thought this was the best setup, however, I do occasionally get some ROMS that appear as, say, "working fine" or something... but they don't? Anyway, I guess I shouldn't worry about it, as this new 720 version will have an up-to-date ini file that won't result in this problem?
  21. Not even remotely kidding here: you need professional help. You have my sympathy. To everyone else: N64 in 720? What form of magic is this! Where can I get my hands on this new version of Surreal?
  22. No. I'm new. I realise it's somewhat beyond your comprehension, but it is actually entirely feasible that you've just, you know, pissed someone else off. Sorry to keep opening your eyes in this way.
  23. Oh, I see the BPDF is out in force. Was only a matter of time. Yeah, that's right, I was crying. Boo hoo me. Also, the entire point of my posting originally (and registering) was to have a "pop" at BP, and "make a world ending crisis out of nothing". Right. Of course! It's so obvious to me, now that I've been expertly analysed and deconstructed. Okay, see that? THAT'S how to miss someone's points. All of them. Entirely. I've made my opinions clear, I don't need to do so again. Besides, no matter how much I re-iterate them, it seems they'll get "interpreted" a certain way depending on your own personal preferences. What I will say is this though. If you can't see the problems inherent within statements such as this: "dont be so parinoid I wont format your hdd or it would have been done ages ago...eg bigies would now be wiped....im saying dont bite the hand that feeds you....and if you want to get into a contest about removing stuff ive said not to....I can make it serious if I wanted for users....and they know who they are....actually the locks are non problematic for most...and much lower than people expected so get over it unless you want them ramped up by crying about things" Then seriously, you probably deserve your HDD formatted. From reassurance to several threats in one messy sentence. Beautiful. Oh, one more thing: seriously? I should go make my own emulator? Wow. People still actually use that as a counter argument?
  24. Yeah... hey, here's an idea. Maybe if you could spell, or get across even half of your points in some sort of semi-literate way - without refering to people you're talking to like they're pieces of shit you found on the bottom of your trainers - all this "crying" you refer to, and all that "misinformation" you yourself cry about? Gone. Blows the mind, doesn't it?
  25. Guilty as charged. How much do I care? I care THAT HUGE POST MUCH. Hell, I also care enough to register on yet another bloody website - a task in itself more than enough to put me off getting stuff FOR FREE, let alone actually putting the work into crafting a christ-how-many-words? long post. Has a nice ring to it, huh? Seriously: Google has no clue about it yet. THAT'S MY WORD; REMEMBER THAT, INTERNETS. I'll print this on a t-shirt and wear it for the rest of my life. /pre-orders Indeed. My main points - along with wanting to get across that, hey, not everyone has either the inclination or the ability to download a 20G pack - were: 1. When you're trying to get across how cock-like someone else is, it doesn't help matters if through doing so you end up coming across as even more of a cock. 2. It is somewhat shortsighted (to say the very least) to even hint at formatting drives if we do something that you - as the creator of a piece of software - dislike or disagree with. Imagine Bill Gates doing that? Imagine he even THOUGHT about cracking a joke about somehow being able to tell if you're dual-booting (or whatever is his current dislike), and bricking the PC? Yeah. Like I say, it's out there now. Well done. Trust has been eroded. Oh yeah, and another thing: considering what's happened recently in the news - with Sony trying to force users to use a PS3 as they intended - whether you see what they're doing as right or wrong, it's somewhat UBERIRONIC that we now have an emulator creator forcing us to use their software as they "envisage" it to the extent that some users are being actively discouraged. You know, after being given the ability to actually create his emulator in the first place by people fighting against exactly that sort of attitude, and cracking open the console so we can all play with its innards? Hell, even Sony haven't mentioned that they might format hard drives of anyone with anything dodgy on their PS3 yet, right? Okay, I've not been keeping up: they haven't, right?
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