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  1. I heard the best place for CoinOPS information is... Emu Xtras lol I kid, I kid. You are actually already at the website/forum/topic dedicated to CoinOPS (started by the creator himself).
  2. Troll lays bait. I almost bite. I did not comment on KA torrents. Stopped seeding for now (ISP limitations). Ratio was above 3... but hey, if it's free, why buy it? Edit: spelling
  3. @Sparda Do you use CoinOPS or any other Xbox emulator? Do you own a physical copy of every single game/rom you have for these emulators?
  4. @Sparda LMAO! "its free, so why buy it?"! You sir, are a comedic genius. And just like you are doing right now, I can ASSume you own a tree that produces sweet succulent money fruit. Please share with us kind sir. Please do. You ASSume that because I have opted to DL PSX games and play them on Xbox instead of purchasing a PSX to play games on, that I am somehow connected to "leechers". This logic could only make sense to an actual retarded person. I have been seeding NON STOP since the torrent came out, 24 hours a day. Face. The humor behind your comment about "its free, so why but it ?" extends beyond trying to troll up my Friday and reaches into the very idea behind this entire community: emulators. Think about it.
  5. I modified my X-Arcade with 2x 8-way Eurojoysticks (one red and one blue), colored buttons to match the xbox controller colors, and 50 gram switches as opposed to the 75 gram ones. The stock joysticks were not "fighter" friendly. But beyond that, X-Arcade is awesome I don't notice a delay. But then again, maybe I'm a noob lol. I didn't know about the Magstick. 3x the cost (each) of the sticks I got but probably worth it. I like how you can switch between 8 way and 4 way from the top. The X-Arcade stock ones were also switchable but who wants to take apart their X-Arcade every time they want to switch? I'll look into these sticks some time Will update next week with pics... if I remember.
  6. Even though you say it is cheap, right now it is free and pretty convenient with all of these games/systems located on one device and in one place. Hell, even BP said his version of CoinOPS has over 60 gigs of PS games in it. But thanks for your input brah. @PhilExile Here is the exact mount that I purchased (today! lol): WMF MEDIUM FLUSH LCD WALL MOUNT Here is the adapter that I had to buy so it would work with my tv (check the specs of yours to see if you need it too): Mounting Plate I'll have to update you later on how well it works but I plan on having mine full of wires lol. 360, Xbox, Dreamcast, BluRay, and a sound system all hooked up. Oh, and an Xarcade (modified) dual joystick with adapters for each of those systems
  7. You would think I'd have enough space. I just burned all of my xbox games I had on the hdd to make more space for CoinOPS 2. I have NES, SNES, Genesis, GameBoy(s), TurboGrafx (+CD), Sega CD, 32x, Game Gear, SG1000, OpenBOR, PSX, and N64 emus on my hdd. PSX has over 60 gigs worth of games... maybe even close to 100 gigs (tons of schmups that would be great for CoinOPS). I also have video previews for ALL of these games lol Edit - Complete rom sets for each of these emu's besides PSX and N64 considering not all games are compatible. Emus, Roms, and Video previews thanks to xtras
  8. I will use it the way it is BP. I just know that I have some of these games in other emulators already and I am trying to save space considering I am running out (250gig hdd). If CoinOPS had pixel perfect for consoles also... then I would simply play these games in CoinOPS instead. Or maybe a future release of CoinOPS will lift the restraints. Can't wait to try this out though. Just bought a HDTV wall mount that rotates into portrait mode
  9. BP, how many roms can we remove from CoinOPS 2 and what exactly is the lock that is on it? What would happen if you removed more roms than allowed?
  10. There is currently only a full package (emu + roms) and a lock that prevents the removal of too many roms (though I am not entirely sure what all this lock entails).
  11. Finished mine in the middle of the night. I've got a 1.7 ration on it so far. I'll be seeding for probably a week or so around 208kbs. Edit: Jobo, it depends on what emulators you are using. Madmab emulator's config/save files are not located in the Tdata or Udata folders. Configurations for UnleashX are located in Udata or Tdata though.
  12. I didn't know about the sequel till now lol I bought the first one for around $20 back in the day. Definitely will try this one out If I remember correctly, the first one was controller throwing frustrating at times. Can't wait to get pissed again
  13. I made a 256x256 icon for this. Let me know what you think SoR Remake Icon 256
  14. I'll check it out, thanks If I end up needing those ini files, I'll let you know.
  15. Now that this skin is tempting me to switch emus does anyone know the 720p pixel perfect settings for nestopiax? or even znesxbox? I find these emus screen setting options to be too generic and not precise enough.
  16. Manually editing an ini or xml file is not the same as "turning it on in the options"... obviously. And speaking of obviously, I could obviously be a sarcastic ass hat just like others and obviously use the word obviously after everything I say, obviously. I recall a brief mention of the virtual memory in the readme file but I'm almost positive that it does not say what vm settings to use and what each setting does. I also thought that leaving it as "Auto" is what was intended. Remember how everything was setup for the user so they don't have to do what you are telling me I have to do? Side note: I'm not trying to sound like an ungrateful prick but there seems to be some HUGE heads floating around here. Great way to strengthen the community...
  17. Read the Readme... read it multiple times actually. Saw the part that mentioned editing the xml file. Did that already as stated in my first post when I asked why I had to manually change that to get DoDonPachi to run (changed it from All Time Classic to CAVE CORE). I never edited this xml file previously to this either and dowloaded CoinOps from one of the sources that always has the latest. I'm just making sure that this wasn't an oversite/bug and trying to help out. BP, you said that everything is set up already for the end user so that they do not have to do anything (as it should be or minimal setup). I guess I was just curious as to why this default, untouched setting made DoDonPachi not work. Do you package it like that or did the uploader on epforums change this to not work and then upload it ? Both seem unlikely. Also, I stated in my first post that I edited the xml file to get it to work and fuman said that I had to "obviously" " turn on the core in the options to play the game". Where is this in the options as mentioned by fuman?
  18. 100's more arcade-arcade games or console-arcade games? Regardless, keep up the great work. Can't wait to try out R9 tonight and the new GUI. Also I posted earlier about running games in the CAVE core and someone said I had to "activate" that core manually (obviously). Can anyone please explain how to do that exactly without speaking to me like I'm mentally handicapped and without assuming I should know everything??? Thanks in advance.
  19. Obviously I must have missed that seems odd that one must manually turn on an option to make something work from the start. Why wouldn't this be defaulted/enabled from the start if it is known that the game(s) will only work with this core enabled? Seems counter intuitive and not user friendly. But enough with my negative nancy attitude (and maybe yours too ). CoinOps is great! Love the updates and support from BP.
  20. Last night when I tried playing DoDonPachi in CoinOps I recieved the error message that I was out of memory. I haven't messed with any internal settings since installing Epic R8 (with full R6 rom set) either and I know that all games (especially that one) are tested and confirmed working. Anyways, I took a stab in the dark and edited the xml file to have that game use the cave core instead of the "All Time Classics" (maybe someone could explain what that is) and the game ran perfect then as far as I could tell. Any clue as to why this game didn't work with the default settings/files?
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