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  1. yup, complete waste of time, stock hdd are slow and noisy 5400rpm. Too bad about the motherboard, it could have a second life, I can understand the disgust that inspires this console given last thread you got involved in this section.
  2. Great update, lovin this crazy flip filter, thanks again supporting those hacks (samurai pizza cats fan talking)
  3. Everybody get nazi, what a pile of crap i can read over here I pity for the other developers that you are supposed to defend... please stop this thanks robert i'm off this place too, good luck to be a household
  4. This is great for us, 'TATE' lovers, thanks taking care of this, and yes video would be top notch.
  5. Dead or alive 1 (Xbox game) can be launched separately from DoA 2 in ultimate compilation would be good to have separate title.
  6. Hope you grabbed the link, if not pm me. 1st quick batch for moves file, it's going well...
  7. Multiplayer : Micro machine Bomber man Platform Castlevania Wonderboy Starfy (gba) Castlevania looks neat on nextgen though.
  8. Nice, could i have PM too ? This reminds me the sweet glory days of 'ninja hackers' before everything disappears under pressure, by the way, they are on the defensive, two videos on the three are already censored.
  9. hey BritneysPAIRS, i am learning php, maybe i can help you with parsing tasks you talked about earlier. Already made a little script to generate xml using a neogeo list to stick with FB core. Please let me know.
  10. I prefer Coinops gui over FBL for alot of reasons this is not the point here, Using it for Arcade and some arcadish console games. But i stick to xport standard when it comes to special features, confusing at first, but very flexible and allows a multitude of configurations once it is accustomed. I must say gillou's rumble code for Genesis rocks! I like the way 32x can be tweaked via sh2 to be smooth on a standard xbox.
  11. Hi there, I'm a 'trusty 128 Xbox' owner, so I patched XBE's. to report back - not so successfully ...as my first post on this board Command War & Odyssey work OK Recalhorn : Black screen , you have to reboot DD Crew after some glitching screen hangs on black. PGM titles give a 'Please wait' white screen before returning to gui, CPSIII also does. My pgm.zip bios file looks like this now pgm_m01s.rom 0x45AE7159 pgm_p01s.rom 0xE42B166E pgm_p01s.u20 0xE42B166E pgm_p02s.u20 0x78C15FA2 pgm_t01s.rom 0x1A7123A0 CRC 0xB3CC5C8F and 0x517CF7A2 they are missing from your list, can someone post the filename ? Psikyo Gunbird 2 sounds high pitched in voices imo but plays ok, i have to compare with pre R4 on a stock xbox... strikers 45 During the first level, gaves me a 'cheat code invalid error' or something like that before exiting, i called the resizing option before that. I hope to give other impressions, as swiftly as I watch developments with great interest. Thanks for your attention and keeping your project further and better.
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