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  1. a very large Thank You for this FBL work +T+ and also to all the others you credited for assistance. i must also thank you for how you stood up to protect this board and now grow it with contribution. it is a good day for xbox!
  2. yes robert, like fumanchu says. stock XBOX drives are normal drive, they work fine in PC. inside xbox is either 8GB (Western Digital) or 10GB (Seagate) with FATX filesystem so you need a reformat to your PC file system.
  3. i agree with the weinerschnitzel, best as a private matters for who runs the boards. but for today, i vote of cheer to see a real poll here! previous polls from coinops all had similar choices, votes canceled and false results.
  4. lately you preach others to provide sources but when asked for same it is too much for you to practice this preach? by your exact logic madmab should not be expected to provide source as he works on "30 odd sources" of xport emulators. further, why so upset about no madmab source? you constant claim anything from xtras team is buggy craps anyway.
  5. each page refresh on that pages actually boost the "downloads" number, every time even without any download. apology to break this news but you have been misinformed of your trending and owns going on!
  6. so you raise these many fire hells about people misinforming of locks but they only informed from Your Misinformations!?! if you speak truths on informations first then people appreciate this truth. this is indeed! coinops 2 remains mystery of locks and you Bp have said hints of danger if we experimant. true informing of limits and affects will not remove limits but will help feel safety of not breaking our boxes.
  7. a point to your vision is that while gaming it would be many times easier to use one button combo for opening an in game menu listing all those option above. you are true that in game controls infos are in the readme but who wants to have to read readme just to recall how to use these controls? having to remember exactly what combo does what -- especially when it differs depending on arcade (but not final burn arcade) or console -- is over complication. what about this vision: one global button combo that pauses game and opens in game menu listing selectable available options for what is currently being played. perhaps have a poll to get more solutions ideas on the vision!
  8. You can be fine to do what you like with your code -- but when adding blocks with questionable behaviors to enforce your vision of how we should and shouldn't play the games -- it is the unfortunate direction for CoinOps. This behaviors echo the sayings of "cutting nose to spit the face". I will not upgrade into this version because of it -- but hope for no strange locks someday so i can use CoinOps again.
  9. xbox1 softmodded

  10. You did released Epic (R1) source last Jan so thanks you for that, it is helpful to learn. But now the Epic is up to R8 so any updated source for this progress? Also, where is source for cores? This would help us with a vision of builds! Viva Coinops!
  11. How is Beta development on your XBMC build? This build sounds nice for a beta release, i can help with testing or arranging a beta team.
  12. Ok ( . ) ( . ) well hopefully anyway you can release your cores source sometimes. Once i study sources more next weeks i should apply for the Project Manager position.
  13. will you release your sources for the cores too?
  14. How can multiple CoinOPS installs be setup on one Xbox? It would be nice to be able to setup one CoinOPS install for all Arcade games only then another one for all Xbox games only, etc. TDATA & UDATA saves would likely conflict so perhaps there's a way to hex edit the paths or another option? Thank you for any ideas on how to do this.
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