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  1. i have dosxbox but i dont use so much, is difficult to set a global config for all games. do the test yourself for the games it worth the time. also you can try a usb keyboard, ir will easy the job
  2. possibility to do custom lists of games. and keep working please!
  3. is the original xbox HD, it was drive E, have no F. on C i have 300Mbs free. i refilled drive E, until it has only 60mbs free, and the fault doesn´t return. for example, now, i takes 17 secs to load King of Fighters 94´, and before it takes some minutes
  4. hi, i have had the same problem. but its solved. i just make free space on the HD and now it loads in a few seconds. it seems that if you have a full or near full HD you got the loading problem. i had only 300Megs of free space when i have the problem, now i have 500 MBs of free space and it loads and unloads roms in a few seconds. i never installed mamedox or mameox, and i didnt delete de save folders hope it helps
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