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  1. hey gilou How did you make your main screen on xbmc for your emu ist so nice . I am building now my own acrade cabinet but if i start up xmbc i get games movies enz . Greeting Xeron Netherlands
  2. Yes a NEW COINOPS With a Gun Good Job Mabey a need a ling
  3. It would by great if you can do it
  4. Well i know it for sure its great a lightgun lots off fun today with some friends over her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Nederland) THX
  5. Thx its up and running I have read your old post over coinops and take the file out off mame lightgun . Is that any good ??? Greetings XeRoN
  6. Hello My xbox is load full now . I am now testing my lightgun i have problems with the calbration it. I can shoot im calbration menu but when do i know the calbration is don?? And in the games i can shoot but not go from left to right up and down. coinops plz help renigate 2 Lightgun joytech Greetting XeRoN
  7. first of all go into your screenshots folder in coinops and check if you have screenshots already. if you do go into your settings and select the option to diplay screenshots. or just download this it is a screenshot pack for coinops with over 1000 screenshots. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XX2ODJZD Thx
  8. Thx i have it wow. Only can i make screenshots from the games . And if you in your start menu go over like 1942 see the screen shot. I am still amez by how cool this stuff is didn't sleep i feel like 16 again lol
  9. mabey i am crazy but i have put 20 roms in it and if i press start and go to settings and want to go back it freeze. And i dont see my games ???? (mame it roms)
  10. Help i installed coinops on my xbox but doesn't work allright. It starts up and freeze on my playlist with out roms in it .
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