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  1. You may just have to do a fresh install. Make sure you back up your userdata folder then delete it all and reinstall. Before you copy your userdata folder back over make sure everything is good. Then copy the userdata folder back and if something is wrong you know that's the problem. It could be just that rev of XMBC that's the problem.
  2. I had the same problem after I installed my new HDD. I had to go into the evox.ini and turn off the IGR or In Game Reset. Just ctrl f IGR and set them to off in each instance. All my games load just fine now.
  3. Thanks so much cba.gy. My whole problem was how i had my cd/dvd drive and the HDD connected. After I sorted that part out it was pretty simple. Now I have plenty of space with the new 250GB drive. Thanks again for the quick guide.
  4. Hi all I'm new to coinops. What version of the negeo.zip do I need to run neogeo games? I tried the newest from mame and sengoku3 said that some roms were missing. I did a little googling and found they were from the neogeo.zip. They are there just the crc is wrong. Please help
  5. I have just resurrected my original Xbox which was soft modded years ago. Mainly I want to use it as a secondary media center on the upstairs TV as well as have some emulators up and running. Now I've found plenty of tutorials about updating to a bigger drive the thing is all the programs are out of date. I have a IDE HDD ready to go but when I try to prepare the drive with Xbox HDD Maker it doesn't work. This program is old. All the tuts talk about copying the C and E drives to a CD, LOL yeah right my drive is full and wouldn't fit on 8 CDs, I'm lucky my motherboard even has IDE anymore. I was hoping someone has an updated way of preparing the drive.
  6. Hi guys it's been awhile. I see Kenshiro is back, applause, with a new version. Is there a beta out? I would love to help test. If anyone could point me to an active torrent of the 1.29 romset that would be appreciated as well. Thanks.
  7. Does 1.29 support video previews? If so what format and how big do they have to be? Thanks all
  8. Never had a Nintendo. Wow I thought Nintendo was the King. "cough sarcasm cough"
  9. Well I did some more testing of neogeo games in 720p. Most run absolutely perfect, but there are others that fail to load. Fighters Swords (Korean release of Samurai Showdown 3) KOF 95 (set 1) + (set 2) KOF 96 (set 1) Real Bout Fatal Fury/Real Bout Garou Densetsu Samurai Showdown 3/Samurai Spirits Zankurou Musouken (set 1) Samurai Showdown 3/Samurai Spirits Zankurou Musouken (set 2) All of the above flash a crazy white screen with an error message that says game could not be started. Pressing B brings you back to the list with a black screen. If you try to load another game the emu crashes. KOF 2003 (World/ US, MVS) This rom loads but there is horrible static in the audio Metal Slug 5 (Jamma PCB) Metal slug says the rom is correct but but it hangs at the glitchy green screen. Thats is for the tests. I do have one other question. How do you make the emu take screen shots in the proper format. When you take a screen shot it puts a bmp in its own folder with numbers after it in the Screen shot folder. For the emu to read it as a preview pic it needs to be in the preview folder and be in png format. Is there a way to change the Ini to tell FBA that when you take a screen shot you want it in a specific folder and format?
  10. Welcome back everybody. I'm glad to see the site up and running again.
  11. Wow I go on vacation for a week and when I go back all hell breaks loose. Kenshiro, (after defeating Raoh), walks into the sunset in search of his lost love Julia. No more FBA, preposterous. In all seriousness thank you Ken for all your hard work on FBA. You were the reason I resurrected my box in the first place.
  12. That happens on most emulators. Why is that? Does that happen when a real MVS machine loads a game? That happens on the actual MVS machines. It seems to las much longer on FBA though. I think it's just the bios booting up.
  13. Hey Ice just wanted to let you know that the HD upgrade config.xml is not setup to play your music. I know nothing of xml but I opened up the old config in notepad and found those settings and added them to the new one. To my surprise it worked. Guess I'm not a complete noob lol!!
  14. kenshiro is focused on NeoGeo at the moment, but he'll get CPS2 fixed. He doesn't have an HDTV, so he needs the people like us that do have one to help out by testing those 720P modes. I have noticed some significant improvements to what he has done so far in general. His coding skills are a blessing to have and this emulator is still alive because of him. Oh and iq132 too. Yes I'm very glad to have Kenshiro around. His efforts are what made me resurrect my box in the first place. Thanks Kenshiro and I'll be glad to test whatever you need. Since no one answered Ice-Mans' question. What is the difference in the CPU types in the FBA settings. What are the best settings for FBA?
  15. Now I seem to have a problem. When I load FBA in 720p it comes up as 1/4 of my screen. I don't know what the problem is? Maybe my TV? Or the cables I'm using?I have a Sony Bravia XBR 6 37 inch with monster component cables. 480p works fine but my TV seems to have a hard time switching from XBMC in 720p to FBA in 480p. Well that was weird I had a square in the upper left hand corner because the screen size was still set to 640/480. Once I stretched the screen out the skin looked perfect. I did a little bit of testing with 720p and it seems that most of the cps2 stuff still have problems. Progear and AvsP ran fine but XMvsSF, XMCOTA, gave a black screen. SFA 3 and MvsC gave a wierd error that turned the screen white and then the background went away. Is there a compatibility list for 720p I thought i saw one somewhere?
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