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Gamecube games in 16:9? Possible!




Yep, that's possible, just watch this video.




All this is again done by Dolphin emulator, which made Wii games playable in 720p! :D Games have various graphical glitches, but mostly it happens for game rendering special effects for 4:3 only. But at least it's possible to play games in widescreen mode!


You could post some of your comments here to ask a question, I'll be sure to answer them ^^


Michael Carew



PS: for HD watch video on YouTube :D

PS2: http://dcemu.co.uk/gamecube-in-16-9-242736.html


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aha!i've just downloaded the dolphin emulator.it sais:"an award winning emulator!"wtf???get real!jeez!anyway,i've downloaded metroid prime & it's not working!help!

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