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  1. It still shows up as a music CD for some reason. I used this program called Bin2boot to change the file to a selfbootable CDI but still no good.
  2. So what are the files I need to extract from the archive to run nulldc? Do I need to unzip all the files in the archive?
  3. Ok I'm using the Chankast emulator for playing Dreamcast games. I followed the steps using the Daemon tool application to mount an iso to a drive. The thing is, when I start Chankast, it doesn't start the game; instead, it goes to music track mode. I would like to know if I uploaded the wrong iso file or if there's something I missed that I haven't done. The game I'm using, for example, is Marvel vs. Capcom 2. I got the file from ------.
  4. It's weird but when I try the CPS3 Test version of the emulator all the games load without a problem. I find it odd that the roms crash when I load them on the final version of the CPS3 emulator.
  5. Ok when I load games using the CPS3 emulator on Windows XP I have no problems. However, when I load games on windows vista, it crashes. I keep reloading the game on vista but it keeps crashing. Any idea on how to fix this problem?
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