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  1. Hi, can I have a link to the latest releases ? Thanks
  2. Hi Everyone. Could someone be smart enough to send me a link to the standalone and the showcase. Thanks guys. You rocks.
  3. Hi Kenshi. Can you send me the latest build, please. Thanks in advance
  4. PM for download?? Thanks!
  5. Hi, can i have a PM too ? Thanks in advance !
  6. Hi I've tested a few games and there are some progress : AOF3,Blazzing Stars, Breakers revenge don't crash the emu anymore when entering menu. Cyberbots don't draw even if we can hear the sound playing and it crashes when entering menu - Fatal fury 3 ok - Ganryu works - Garou sound no graphics - Guwange crash - The Killing blade freezes at please wait screen - KOF98, KOF2K3ND freezes at bios screen (by the way auto neobios doesn't work anymore) Good night !
  7. This has been answered so many times... There's a bug with video mode settings. So all you have to do : 1)lauch fba 1.29 2)lauch a game (what you want) 3)go back to menu without exiting your game 4)change video mode to 720p 5)et voila
  8. I manage to make every neogeo cd game workin g by using this tool : Sega Cue Maker After that the readme made by GogoAckman is self explanatory. Good luck.
  9. Hi Kenshiro, no problem for the DAT : Clr Mame Pro gave me excellent results and fast updating. By the way, I made some testing around HD mode by using Art of Fighting 3 (aof3). All testing were made with software and sound filters turned off. When video mode is set to 720p, I have 41808 KB free in the menu (at start up, before lauching any game). When I start aof3, it drops to 4752 Kb free and the game is playing perfectly (solid 60 fps). When I try to enter the menu, the emu freezes (out of memory ?) I restart fbaxxx, set video mode to 480i, I have 50204 Kb free this time. When I sart aof3, it drops to 10756 KB free and the game is behaving quite well again (it's just less colorfull on my lcd). When I enter the menu, it's doing it the right way and I have 5316 Kb free. I suppose the trouble is a malloc failure when entering menu probably due to the way VMM is used (or not) to lauch that game. You said previously that when you launch a game, it will automatically detect if it needs VMM. If don't, the game will be entierely stored in RAM, which is definitly more faster than previously. I was asking myself if you were really scanning memory to see you free memory was available before lauching a game or if you were using VMM whenever a game was behind the limit of a fixed amount of data. If so, you should perhaps use a different setting for VMM when the video mode is set to 720p. Or else, another solution would be to load VMM parameters from an external file as MAMEox (or CoinOPs) does, so that HD users can test for you differents settings (VMM on/off, GogoAckman VMM, iq132 uni VMM, amount of ram used...) I don't really know if it's feasible but it may help you to have less build to make whenever you want to change just one setting in VMM. I have tested again the games i have already tested with your previous build and the emu seems to be a bit more stable (I manage to try out the first 19 games before having my first random crash) and neogeo games are loading blazzingly fast ! Keep up the good work. It's really appreciated.
  10. Hi everyone Romcenter DAT file is buggy with this build (missing games and parents and clones often seen as different games). Use Clr MAME Pro instead (Rom center can handle this as well). When using the spreedsheet. Please comment the video mode you're using for getting the crash. Thanks
  11. Hi Kenshiro Here's other bugs I've found so far : The emu freeze when entering menu if it runs out of memory (imho). This happens every 7 ou 8 games when video mode is set in 720p (so there's probably a memory leak). Sometimes, the menu start to draw but the background doesn't show and the emu freezes. For some bigger game the emu freeze every time I try to enter in the menu (aof3k, aof3...) Also HD related : The "command view" doesn't display properly in HD : it seems that the 2nd player is hard coded to x= "something between 500 to 640" (it draws in the middle of the screen) when it should be something more like "xOffset - something" where something is the position of the player one display. By the way, it should be great to have the opportunity to keep aspect ratio when resizing (especially for vertical games) and to center the display. I've also noticed that when you press the A button on the menu, it cycles through 3 preview but I don't know how to name the needed folders (preview, title, cabinet ?) Auto Uni bios doesn't work anymore but you have already mentioned it. Did you think of adding an option for showing/hidding : (working/not working ; parent/clone) or to filter by region Not really important : Mega Man - The Power Battle (951006 USA, SAMPLE Version) : the others versions of megaman don't take a caps at "The" (idem for Rockman: The Power Battle (950922 Japan)) ; Metal Slug X should be placed between 2 and 3 ; Saturday Night Slam Masters (slam masters 930713 USA): slam should here be in caps) ; Fatal Fury Special should be between 2 and 3 ; there's a typo with Metal Slug 3 (not encrypted, decrpyted C) : decrypted C. That's all I can think of for the moment. Keep up the good work.
  12. Hello guys I've made a spreedsheet on google docs. Thinks it'd be easier to test and report usefull info for kenshiro on that one. Here's the link : Fba 1.29 aka blue balls Don't forget to save and close. By the way here's some general bugs I've found so far : Enabling vertical bg crashes the emu (480i and 720p) Changing video mode before entering a game crashes the emu Those are old bugs in fact. Happy testing
  13. Hi Kenshiro I'd be glad to test your very promising new build of fba xxx (I can test in NTSC, PAL and 720p). Thanks for all the time you put into the project !
  14. Hi Kenshiro... Keep up the good work ! We are aware of the work you've put in fba xxx in the last months. It's just a pain to keep updating sets to match that weekly updated MAME : adding new drivers in the same time, testing, reupdating. No PGM, that's not a big deal. Bon courage et bonnes vacances si tu as quelque chose de prevu cet ete... La xbox est avant tout un loisir et nous comprenons tous qu'il y a des choses bien plus importantes qu'ajouter tous les drivers voulus par telle ou telle personne... A+
  15. Hi Fosamax! I usually don't reply to random people, but I thought you were a spam bot spreading links to osteoporosis drugs. Interesting choice of a username. I choosed that username a long time ago and I don't have any problem of osteoporosis. I'm just a pharmacist and I just took the first medicine that came to my mind when I was asked to choose a name for my account. By the way, do you really think there are some spam for fosamax ?
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