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  1. Yesterday, I discovered that my friend laptop - a BENQ brand - has 1x1G + 1x2G RAM modules. Therefore, your saying that the system cannot run 2 different RAM modules seems not correct.
  2. Thank you for your suggestion about wifi connection. Actually, the I8510 is the strangest device I've got, It seem that the driver only work once. The driver for cable is named Samsung but after installation, when checked in Control panel, it name was changed to Nokia:)
  3. All you said seem correct with normal devices, however, the inov8 was totally different. I could connect by cable only once and after disconnecting, there was no way to connect it again.
  4. I've just got a new mobile, a Samsung inov8 (or i8510), however, when I used the prog PC studio 7 to connect the mobile with my PC by cable, the prog couldn't detect any device. However, when I connected the mobile to PC by bluetooth, the above prog could found my mobile. As the mobile has 8G of internal memory, I don't want to use the low speed blue tooth connection to transfer huge amount of data. So any one could help me to connect the mobile to the PC by cable? (PC studio 7 is the prog in the CD came with the Inov8 mobile))
  5. One good thing, this morning, I installed the Kingston 1G to my HP and the 2 1G RAMs (Kingston and Quimonda) ran well in dual chanel mode. However, the Presario could not run with the same 2 RAMs So there may be a problem with 1 RAM slot in the Presario (the lower one)
  6. There is no configuration for Dual channel mode in both BIOSs of my 2 laptops. Moreover, it is said that when the 2 RAMs are not a matching pair, the system will automatically switch no non dual channel mode, is it correct? DIMM0 you mentioned above seem correct because the Hp6520s has RAM inserted reversely compared with the Compaq one: in Compaq, the notch is on the right side, in HP, the notch is on the left side, that explained why in Compaq, I had to insert RAM in the upper slot while in Hp, I had to insert in the lower slot (1 in 2 laptop, I had to insert RAM upside down) So do you think that the 2 RAMs must be a matching pair, no way to use the 512 M one with 1G one?
  7. my laptop Compaq Presario V3438TU has original RAM module Hynyx DDR2 PC2 - 5300 bus 667 MHz 512 MB. I wanted to add a new memory Kingston DDR2 PC2 - 5300 bus 667 MHz 1GB, however, when I plugged that new one to the remaining slot (that laptop has 2 memory slots), the system could not boot up, just showed a blank screen. I first thought that there was the incompatible between the old and new module, however, the system can only boot when 1 memory module (either 512M or 1G) was plugged on the original memory slot (in this case, the upper one). The presence of RAM module in the lower slot cause problem. The same effect happened when I plugged the 512M module to another latop HP Cpmpaq 6520s (had original RAM Qimonda DDR2 PC2 - 5300 MHz 1GB): only 1 RAM module could make the system boot up, except that at this time, the memory must be in the lower slot So I thought that I must change the something to make the system recognize the module in the non-original slot in both laptops (some jumper, maybe). However, I haven't found yet Any one can help?, your supports are highly welcomed:) Thanks
  8. one funny thing: right after installing new OS (windows xp sp3), I can change the screen brightness but after installing some hardware driver, the above function disappeared:(
  9. Unfortunately, I could not find the button like you said, so there is something that different between your PC and mine. However, I think that there will be the same drivers regardless what we did in step 2, automatically or manually. Unless I specify the wrong product code (99% that I did right - from the label at the bottom of the laptop). I install HP Quick launch and that software made my PC hang up when I try to use the build in kb and touchpad. Also, even when I use external kb and mouse to use that software, there is no button configuration for screen back light, only for functions such as volume up/down... By the way, I think that my laptop has some compromise, I cannot turn on/off touchpad function when typing in documents because it has no button assign to this function. (Though it can be done by enable/disable the hardware-I thought) Thank you for your supports
  10. I want to send you the captured screen of the website hp.com, however, I don't know how to attach file
  11. http://www.hp.com/#Support As you see on that page, there is no auto detect to click, just step 1 "Download drivers and software (and firmware)" and step 2 "Enter a product name / number"
  12. So now I'm still living with that annoying thing, who can relieve me?
  13. Thank Loay for your suggestion, however, there are 2 things that I concern: 1: I couldn't find "auto detect" to click, so I had to enter my PC model and chose the OS 2: There are only 3 driver for kb and mouse, 2 are HP Quick launch which I had installed and caused my PC to hung up and cannot use kb and touch pad I still try to find the solution, did you have the same trouble as me? Anyway, thank a lots
  14. I use flashget v 1.96 for downloading accelerator, however, recently, this prog takes long time (>10mins) to start, anyone can solve? I used win xp SP3, version 2002 on HP compaq 6520s Thanks to supporters
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