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  1. Well, Naruto the 2nd Saga is out. Look interesting. All the characters are grown up  and more powerful now as they have progress in their life and training. The main character still as silly though. Overall,

    still a nice read :)

    Sounds great, are they/have they made this into an anime? I always had a fit with naruto's characters because most of the main dudes are kids. Right now I'm on episode 110 and it's starting to pick up. Hopefully Sasuke is able to kick someone's ass.

  2. Yeah, Death By Degrees was just previewed in a local gaming magazine here, and the game looks to be mediocre to sort of good. Ah, time will tell.

    I bet your still eager to try it still? <_<

    It might be good, depending on your taste.


    IGN gave Shadow Hearts a 5 and I'd say it kills the recent RPG's like Suidoken IV/Xenosaga 2, but the reviewer was a dick.

  3. I would say North America. The basis of this opinion comes from Americans' extremely active attitude towards video games, the inherent competitiveness present in their national identity, and finally, to give a rather simple reason, the relative population sizes of the countries. If players from other countries read that and think "What the hell does he know!", then I urge them to become champions for themselves. If they do so, I will reconsider my supposition.


    Geez, I wouldn't have guessed he would say that. Especially when I read about how those asians are addicted to videogames and forget about food and water...but I guess there's a lot of asians in North America too.


    But yeah, that was a cool interview. I haven't heard of that Nina game before, but from the sounds of it, it can't be that good.


    Death by Degrees. I saw some reviews and the word on the streets is that game is doo doo.

  4. I like arcade-type racers more, but I do acknowledge the great points of GT4.

    Ditto. I've had more fun playing NFSU 2. This game is so mean. Like, if I had GT3 data I can get a sexxy 100 000 credits that could by me a godly car but nooo. Still, I have to unlock this game's hidden potential, and soon, because its due back on Sunday.

  5. Win win win, money money money, upgrade, upgrade, upgrade.



    Then sell that piece of junk and get a better car, repeat.


    For those who have the previous GT game. You can import money for it (YA!).

    Believe me how I tried, my mirage simply can't compete on those circuits. I tried to sell it back but they would only give me 2000 credits for it, if I did that I would have to race the other cars on foot.

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