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  1. the first one i saw, not knowing it was anime; i was a naive child after all, was speed racer, but the one that really made me wanna see anime a lot was Saint Seiya.
  2. this are the games that have caught my eye and the ones i wanna buy as soon i got my ds Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Orcs & Elves Naruto: Path of the Ninja (only if you really like the anime or classic rpgs or like to know the story from the beggining) Draglade Megaman ZX Advent Final fantasy IV (hope it comes soon) Elite Beat Agents
  3. Khinsider Not only classic midis but new mp3 as well
  4. yep that's right, it's annoying to see pages that tell you that X game works on X chip, so i was wondering if there is a way to know without dissarming the wii
  5. The second installment in the gekitou ninja taisen series for wii. Has anybody tested it yet??, does it works in NTSC wiis??
  6. is there a way to know which chip are you using on a wii, so i can know what i can and what i can't do with it??
  7. Mario and Sonic in the olympics it's a really good choice for fun moments here and there. Zack and wiki (a must have if you like a little fun challenge to your brain) Sengoku basara 2 (devil kings 2) is coming too Trauma center (both of them) Naruto clash of ninja revolution (simple naruto game and really fun to play with friends while waiting for brawl) Sonic and the secret of rings Some of them are platformers but if you give them a try you will like them cause of the fun\wierd uses of the wiimote
  8. Thanks for the info ^^ and i hope i can play with you by wi-fi sometime
  9. i see your point, but unfortunately for me,i can't buy from somewhere else (i don't live in the Us. so it's like my best choice) so both of the r4 are original ones? and fully functional? no difference between the two in software? (sorry for bothering so much but it's kinda scary when you buy something from internet with little knowledge of it)
  10. hi everyone, am new here and i wanted to ask something regarding the r4, you see in shops (like amazon ebay etc) it seems to be quite a lot of r4 and all of them seem to be quite different, so is there anyway to tell which its actually the r4 and which isn't? (none of the pages list the r4 team as the seller) thanks ^^
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