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  1. I read all the posts before I replied. However, it got so close while loading the game, I felt perhaps I should still ask the question. Anyways, it works perfect on the NeoRage that was linked on one of the posts, so I'll just play it with that for now. Thanks anyways. Peace.
  2. Ok, need some help. I'm trying to run KoF2003 on Nebula (it's the emulator that works best on my PC.). Everything goes fine until the end where it says, "271.m1d.bin, Wrong Size. Expected 26144, Found 524288" What should I do? It's Nebula 2.23d, using a loader. I can post the.dat file if that'll help. I got the rom from emu-russia.net. It's 39,277 KB and works on the FBA emulator I dl from a post here, but runs real slow and without the health and super bars. Thanks in advance if anyone can help. PS: Also, hate to get off topic, but my SVC: Chaos rom doesn't seem to work on it either. Has an error with P1.bin, M1.bin, and S1.bin.
  3. Sure, but how would you like me to send it? If anything, e-mail me (loco2042@yahoo.com) or get at me on AIM (GrouchyIssues4). Peace.
  4. Can you do a better job of getting close to 100%naomi/cps3 emulation? Do you have the equipment to do so? If not, shut up. Besides, unlike most ppl here, I'm glad that the neogeo mvs hardware is coming to an end. Woah, dude, I think you need a vacation or something. I was just curious as to why there weren't any (i.e. technical reasons, etc.). I was just curious. It's not like I was trying to insult people becuase it hasn't been done. Quite frankly, I'm upset at your response, but I'm mature enough to not try to start a flame war or anything so I'll just say we're all entitled to our opinions. Thanks to everyone else who offered enlightening reponses to this, for most part, emulator noob. Oh, and one last thing, where'd they part come from about Neo Geo MVS hardware coming to end? No one even mentioned that in this thread.... Well. peace.
  5. Thanks. I got it working at a respectable speed by switching it to system memory from video memory (my vid card sucks). I also had to put it at lowest resolution and no effects so it looks kinda strange (cause of the resolution), but its better then nothing. Also, works best in full screen mode. Not perfect, but as long as I get to play. Thanks again.
  6. I got the rom from here: http://www.emustar.com/Svc_chaos_snk_vs_capcom/ Under "Juego" next to the SVC Logo: svcplus.zip.
  7. Ok, I need help. I posted this earlier, but no one responded. I got the SVC Chaos rom (svcplus.zip) and it works on Nebula, but really slow. I even lowered the resolution and took off any effects such as transparency. For some reason it doesn't work on Kawaks (ver. 1.45) even though it was the one people said it was suppose to work for. Also, I got the new MAME that plays it, but when I go to load it, it loads all the files except 269_m1.bin, 269_s1.bin, and 269_p1.bin, so it doesn't play. I've renamed the files correctly and they are all in the zip so why won't MAME play it? HELP! Thanks in advance.
  8. Just curious, but why aren't there any emulators for Naomi/Naomi 2 and for the CPS3? Also, are there emulators, or going to be, for Sammy's Atomiswave. I'm guessing no since it's based on the Naomi arcade board. Peace.
  9. Ok, this may be a stupid question, but what are the "crcs", how do i edit them into my mame dat file and edit them into what?
  10. Ok, need help. The Rom works on Nebula, but it run really, really, slow. I tried getting to work on MAME and it finds all the files except 269_p1, 269_s1, and 269_m1. The files are in the zip so I don't know what's the problem. Any suggestions?
  11. I'm sorry, but I'm kinda new to all this and just started coming to this site today. I started reading this thread, but I'm a little confused. Where is it that I find the SVC Chaos ROM? I'm sure I'm real late on this, but like I said, I'm new. Great site so far and everyone seems real cool. Thanks in andvance to anyone that can help. EDIT: Ok, found it....
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