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  1. Just got done with season 1 of the walking dead.

    It reminds me of the stand by steven king only with zombies.

    Its got some goofy plot holes though, but im ignoring them as its quite a ride.

    Just downing season 2 now.


    Season three is the best of the series.


    I tried it out.


    It ran faster than I expected. Alot of games dont work unfornutaly.

    Its a great step toward the future!

    It's to be expected, it's the first release after all :-) Once Video/Sound support is added I think many more games will be playable.


    Oh of course I wasn't putting it down!!!

    I'm really hopefull for this project! Once they add a little more to it I think it'll be my favorite emu on 360!!!!!! :P



    I love American Horror Story as well. Also like the new Under The Dome


    Under the dome is on during wwe raw here in canada so I never see it, is it worth a download Jitway?


    >>>Hell on



    What channel is hell on wheels on?

    What channel is Under The Dome on?



    In canada I see under the dome commercials on Global TV. Im not sure about US though

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