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    You were in Toronto and didn't tell me....I don't know how to feel right now.


    We could have hung out all day in T.O.

    i said I MISS the Toronto trip, as in, i didnt make it to the trip. I would have post the same thing here if I am going to Toronto :-)


    OK!! Your out of trouble with me. BUT if you ever come by my way we need to meet and hang out.

  2. I suppose I should have stated the anime's I'm currently watching.


    Naruto Shippuiden


    Eureka 7


    Basquash! (Rewatching this series because its so amazing)


    Madoka Magical Girl (very on the fence about this anime, only seen 1 episode and it seems way too girly for me, its sitting in the netflix queue)


    Sword Art Online (dubbed version sitting in netflix queue) figured I watched in in japanese 2 times now I should see the English version.



    If you havent seen Basquash! or Gakuen Mokushiroku: High School of the Dead I really suggest either of them.


    Eureka 7 - I saw this a few years ago when it aired on the anime nights in canada. WIDE cast of characters and an awesome story. Loved it!


    Naruto Shippuden - Was watching the newest of this until Neon Alley shut down in canada, I was on ep. 198. It was building to something big that I'll prolly never see...


    Basquatch! - Never heard of this before but put it in my download queue to check out.


    H.o.t.D. - Watched it all uncut on dvd in 2012. Still waiting for them to complete the story up to where the manga is.


    Puella Magi Madoka Magica - This one I watched in a month on Neon Alley. It has some creepy art that will stay with you for days, The story in the end makes it a very enjoyable anime.


    SAO - I've watched up to ep. 13 on subbed crunchyroll but now I see canada netflix also has it in dubbed. I'll have to finish it to see how SAO 2 will have guns!

  3. I kinda gave up on anime and stick to manga.


    I do both!


    Manga for the newest and un-anime yet stories, And Anime to add music and voices that fit the plot. You get the best of both worlds!


    Kinda cause for about 10 mins I was debating hitting the record button and watching it this morning. Divas match was kinda wierd but I wanted to see summer Rae win

    Do you watch Total Divas? Summer Rae comes off as a bit of an ass :lol: ...

    Yeah I watch it, I like her being a bitch! It's one of the reasons I download it now. The more I see of summer rae the more I like her.

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