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  1. I just tried MESSUI64 .162 with an Xbox 360 controller and it worked fine.


    Which version of MESSUI are you using and did you configure the gamepad under Joysticks first?

  2. Must be why I bought a JXD S7800B.


    I had one of those but my screen was scratched up and I had to send it back. Still waiting for my replacement. When I played with it I got oldboy (B&W GB) to work. I only tried Super Mario Land but it worked perfect. I never thought of trying to look for newer systems (PS2, Wii, NGC, etc....) because the HDD was small with only 14.9gb usable. My order form email states that my replacement will be here March 23rd.


    Veristic did you get yours to work with the Wi-Fi rom downloader or did you add it to the unit yourself (USB)?

  3. Oh your right the PC version is better but I'm layed up in bed after my car accident so the n64 is sitting there begging to be used. I was reminiscing about renting Starcraft64 way back and how I liked it so I was hoping someone might be kind enough to help me out. I got painkillers now so my strategy playing/planning will probably suffer greatly.


    It was just a thought I had to try and get it. For now I'll stick to my WWF No Mercy, Going through the Heavyweight Championship as Jim Ross is quite the challenge!

  4. i'll stop coming here since this site is linking to googleaps or something, making it hard for me to access from China :sad:


    That's probably some thing more than on our end, Try a different browser and see if it still links or redirects. Also could be a virus :msncry:

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