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  1. Bambi,


    If you have the files in windows.old they wont affect your new operating system, you should be perfectly fine. Just run defrag and chkdsk from the run command panel and you will fix any OS issues/speed problems.

    I'll do that right now. Thank ya for the help!

  2. I understand, I'm new to the laptop repairing. I've used it to broadcast on twitch so I guess the good news is I have a cam for my broadcasts now!


    Do you guys think there would be a ISO on the torrents to do a clean format, I only ask cause I don't want the problems to come back.


    Look for a couch at big lots. Better quality than ikea and pretty cheap to.


    I'm working about 16 hours a day everyday. Looking for a new job (because the one I'm managing is really slow right now. And some fraud happened a little while ago that took us for $50K). My boss isn't planning to fire anyone just reduce hours, and I can't really afford to work less hours even with my own business going.


    Been focusing on my own business a lot to try and make up for the business I manage. Trying to sell on ebay, unfortunately people don't like to take risks with 0 feedback.


    Thats about it though!


    Sell a few bits of junk, a DVD for a buck, kids toys sell, you buy a load of them from someone whos kids no longer plays with them and put them up for 50p/£1.

    Shove them in a huge bucket and jet wash them if a bit dirty or old.

    I used to work in a preschool and don't waste money on the expensive cleaners for toys. A bucket or tub with a cup of bleach and water is more than enough to clean germs on any toy. Don't use it on battery toys though, corrodes the parts.

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  4. I wish I had a log cabin, sitting in it and watching a fire. Would be sweet....


    But anyways where I'm at its still windy so we only get a high of 16 so its still chilly but not sweater weather.

    I am running a dehumidifier 24 hours a day its so humid. It's like always having a cold sweat, your not hot but your not cold either it just sucks out.

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