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  1. Cheers guys Just tried to update to version 5.00m33 but it tells me i need to have at least 3.52 M33-3 before it'll let me do it. OK. I've updated my psp to 3.52 m33-4 and i've downloaded DAX CFW 5.00 M33-4. The file i've downloaded contains an EBOOT and sony's 5.00 update. When i go to install it i get the usual black screen and text that i'm used to but then it tries to install the official update. I quit out because i still want to use firmware and emulators. Is this normall or have i got it all wrong??
  2. Hi Guys I'm trying to play some new games that got given to me as a present. Thing is i need the 4.05 update or above to play them. I have'nt touched my psp for a while so the last update i put on was 3.52 M33. Can i just chuck on the latest update or do i need to do anything in between? Thanks
  3. Hey guys. I've been out the loop for a while thanks to a half bricked psp. Finally got it working again (thanks to the help some of you gave me) and i was wondering what update is the best to have these days? I'm running 3.03 OE-A which is ok but a bit picky with which PS1 games it wants to play. Idealy i'm after something that'll run PS1 and back up games. Any sugestions? Cheers
  4. It looks like all i'm doing at the moment is creating a 3.40 OE-A DATA.DXAR. So i think i should start again from the begining. So i need a 150 update in the recovery folder and that should do it right?
  5. I've got most of my help and files from this site http://evolvexmb.com/Main/modules/newbb/re...amp;post_id=937 When i'm using recovery i'm not getting percentile but it does go through flashing 150 and 340, it then resets to a black scren
  6. When i run recovery with the 150.pbp it works but stops because there's no 340.pbp. I've found and added the 340.pbp. It then does its thing and all looks good. It then resets and i'm still stuck with a black lit screen. Am i using the wrong recovery eboot?
  7. I've now tried to restore the recovery folder to get things working agian but i think i've made things worse. First i made a 3.40 OE-A DATA.DXAR but i didn't know what to do next. So insted of asking for help i tried to Make a Full Flash dump through Recovery Mode to Recover Files for re-flash. I now have a new folder on my memory card called FO and every time i run recovery mode it wants to redump again. What the hell have i done? Anyone now how i can get this working again before i blow myself up with this thing??
  8. I'd forgotten all about recovery mode! Unfortunalty that aint working. I try and run the recovery eboot but it says it can't find update.PBP i'm guessing thats bad
  9. I've been so good with my psp. For over two years i've had no problems. I finally had a way of playing ff7 anywhere i wanted. I was SO happy. Then i decided to clear some crap off my memory card but i pressed the wrong button and uploaded some old updates by mistake. Now all i get is a balck back lit screen and a desire to punch stuff! is there anyway to fix it? i heard there's some way of using another downgraded psp to bump start a bricked one, is this tru? Please help i'm so gutted its silly
  10. Hey folks Been having real probs trying to create my own eboots for the good old psp. I can get ps1 games that i've downloaded working fine but its driveing me crazy that i have to download a game i have sitting on my shelf. I'm using 3.03oeb and trying to create eboots using Popstation Gui 2.26. i'm converting cue. files that i'v ripped using cdrwin6 and magic iso but nothing works. I've tried givin PSX2PSP v1.2 a go but all i get is a message saying "Unable to open E:\PSP\12982_PSX"PSP_popstaion_GUI_1.2\Files\BASE.PSP" that always happens no matter what version or where i download it. Anyone who can help my headache will be a friend for life! Cheers Doods OK!! I've done a bit more research and i know realise that i need hotshots2 golf and rename the EBOOT.PBP to BASE.PBP and copy that file over with the Keys.BIN to the files folder where popstation.exe but i have no idea where to find it. can some one please help???
  11. i have zinc0.9. i can play soul edge and rival schools fine but when i transfer the roms over to zinc101 none of them work. do i need newer roms? also dead or alive doesnt work on either and die hard isnt even showwing up. sorry if im getting anoying
  12. still no joy. it opens a dos window and it closes straight away. what am i doing wrong?
  13. ive got dead or alive++ and die hard arcade roms but im having probs finding an emulator for them. ive tried mame 0.80 and a few model 2 emulators but ive had no luck. am i missing something, they dont need chd's or anything do they? cheers
  14. Ok, i have the rom's and the chd's for killer instinct 1 & 2. Ive tried to use mame83 but i know as much about dos as i do about trying to eat 4000 live tiger's whilst dancing like a sailor in an anti-gravity shoe box. Can i get them to work on the latest version of mame32? Sorry if im starting to get annoying, its just that when my mum said i was special i thought she ment in a good way
  15. Thanks for the help guys, but that link appears to be down Any others??
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