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  1. It sounds like you've done all the hardwork, I use xboxhdm but not quite with the clone.... if you've got your original disk working using Krazie's softmod packs then boot with the original disk to xbmc FTP to your xbox and copy the partitions to folders on your pc representing the partitions (C, E and possibly F if you formatted it) download xboxhdm, read the instructions and use your copied over C, E and possibly F in the appropriate folders also part of the krazie install will have put an eeprom.bin and also a txt file that has all the unlock info - again put those in the right place then run the file to build an iso of xboxhdm turn off your pc, disconnect all disks except the new one you want for your xbox, boot from the xboxhdm dvd - unlock that drive you've already prepared then run xboxhdm and let it format and install the disk, it will give you the option of F and maybe even G if it's a big disk (over 120gb I think) when done lock the disk using the eeprom.bin / txt file (you must have done that before as you actually got that disk to boot) put it in xbox - job done
  2. Well said, I'd love to be able to help but If I'm honest it would be little more than testing - if you need help with that then feel free to pm me. I'm happy to just say thanks for the work and use this great piece of work - I really appreciate the time that you and everyone who has been able to help has put in, truth is my xbox gets far more use from this and xbmc than any other console in our home! It's great to have a 'working', 'tested' mame that someone else has checked behaves on the xbox, no point in games that are unplayable due to the hardware. Thanks
  3. Hi Thanks for the hard work please can someone pm me a link
  4. Thanks looking forward to this,
  5. Thanks for all the work on this, please could someone pm me the link last one I got from you was the full CoinOps do I need a full DL again + this update ? I could never get the old star wars vector games to work they just crash my xbox, anyone know if this was fixed or am I missing a setting ?
  6. Arcades is an awesome update, I miss hyper street fighter 2 anniversary edition, but I have the files and the VMM settings in my Mame xbox install (and it runs) so I can add it to Arcades (thanks!) One thing I'd like to do is sort my Arcades, Mame and FBAxxx hd installs out so I have one rom set - maybe something for next Xmas for me to do!
  7. Thank you so much BP, Your Collections Rock, I really appreciate the time you've spent trying these and the menu - saves me so many headaches - I have become fed up with trying various roms xbox roms on other xbox - mame versions and getting annoyed when stuff didn't work or was unplayable. Thanks!
  8. SSF2X and Salamander 2 - excellent additions I can't remember but are DoDonPachi and Don Pachi in your relase ?
  9. Hi, Thanks for all your work on this - it's a really sweet package, I now plan to remove my mamoth mame install half of which doesn't work and then use yours but keep my roms for FBAXXX just one question, I've got trouble running tempest and star wars, is there a problem with the vector games or some setting I need to change, it just hangs after loading the roms I installed to F:\emus\mamedox and I have a 1.4 softmodded pal Xbox running xecuter bios, I think these work on my own mame installation.
  10. Looking forward to this - missed your last release
  11. Hi I had this prob, it's a rom problem as I dl the new version for SNK vs Capcom, with only this rom in the rom folder it imports roms and runs otherwise quits to windows, I don't know which one of my roms it doesnt like and I don't care as I use the new version for SNK V Capcom Choaos (+) and the old one for everything else Don't always blame XP
  12. WOW !!! Thanks Guys! I know this is a silly thing to ask but would there be anyway of getting this to work in neorageX ??
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