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  1. The file system of my HDD is FAT32. It was such before I did the system recovery and after. I've ran across some info about how XP doesn't handle HDD's larger than 32GB very well. But seeing as there was no problem with that when I first got my laptop, and it is restored to its factory settings....



    Update: Did some more searching into the problem, and it seems it is SP2 related. Upon looking at Disk Management, it shows 64GB of unallocated space. I guess that's the missing part. I think I may have to resolve this with partitioning of some sort. Not an area I'm familiar with. Unless there are better ideas.


    Here's a look at it: Disk Management

  2. Long story short...I needed to do a system recovery on my laptop. Some things were bugging about its performance. I had a lot of updating ahead of me. Now, I didn't look at the HD before installing Service Pack 2. All I know is that Windows is reporting my HD size as around 9GB instead of 74GB. Same with the amount of HD used. It's way off.


    I've tried doing some research into it on my on (and google) and haven't come up with anything. CHKDISK didn't find errors. Any suggestions?

  3. I got about 12 minutes in before I realized the clip is nearly 2 hours long! How retarded can you be to not realize the difference?



    The conversation lasts around 27 minutes. The rest is just empty filler. But a hilarious and worthwhile conversation nonetheless....******* idiots at Verizon.

  4. I have this idea...where a random Arcade game is chosen from the 1emu Arcade each day. It will be the featured Arcade game of the day if you will. Top scorers can be awarded prizes, like free denture glue for a month, a "Loan Robert for a day" benefit, or whatever else we can think of. Thoughts?

  5. I went to Nashville this past weeknd with a friend to see The Protomen perform in their hometown. They are a rock opera band. Their music is based around the Mega Man mythos. It's a post apocolyptic, Orwellian take on the Mega Man universe.We listened to their music on the 8 hour trip to Nashville. I was very impressed. Their sound is fantastic live, although the venue we were in was pretty small. There were about 100-150 on the floor.


    We were in a club called "The End", in what it seems is a very vibrant music scene in downtown Nashville. Vanderbilt Univeristy was only a few blocks up the street from us, which works well with the scene down their. I wish Columbus, OH were more like it....


    Here's their site, Protomen. If you like Mega Man and sort of punk/metal rock, check them out.

  6. <-- Only inspiring artist on these forums.


    Did you mean aspiring Wizard? :P


    I mean...we haven't heard much of your band's music to call you inspiring....


    I think he ment to say aspiring.


    And 68% of Americans agree.


    Oh shyt I qouted somebody who already asked him the same question, but what the real concern is, why did he say Wizard? :D


    A perplexing mystery indeed....will we ever know?!? :P

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