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  1. i think, if someone had all good stuff in there Mugen it would be hot. Because people have like different sized characters, or over powered characters.

    Well, we were working on a 1Mugen over a year ago. However, that plan went to smoke.


    I'd like to see a small project where we take 1emu members and make small fighters out of them (akin to pocket fighters), and where we have movesets related to our real life persona's. Maybe its to big a thing to do...it would be awesome in any event.

  2. To King James demolishing the Detroit Pistons? Good lord...this man could not be stopped. I think Charles Barkley said it best. Lebron was a raging inferno. He's burning down his opponents areans, and the Palace got razed to the flocking ground. All hail the king and his merry men!! :thumbsup1:

  3. i know its not really on the forums but i think it would be awesome if the forums had there own ventrilo server or teamspeak server (Y) well i actually have one and if anyone wants to join us on ventrilo just give me a pm and ill make you a name since its private XD



    That's what Skype is for.

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