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  1. Nah...my drive should be able to read a DVD. Have had no problems until now.


    I disassembled the the drive and looked at the cables. Looked okay to me. There was this small metalic orange piece that I'm not quite sure I put in the right place. It doesn't open as smoothly as before...ah well. It reads fine anyhow after I tested it.



    I'm off to see 300. Be back in a bit. Thanks for help.

  2. I recently did a system recovery on my comp. Before this, it never had problem recognizing DVD's. For some reason it won't anymore. I have the codecs and other pieces of software to run DVD's, as far as I know.


    Don't think its a driver issue, as I hadn't updated it since I bought it. Any help appreciated.


    DVD drive: LG HL-DT-ST GSA-4080N

  3. Crap..you should come to the 1emu IRC channel for best results and further questions. I don't think gameplay is going to be good if you have a 200+ ping. Assuming you have broadband and you're somewhere in the United States, it shouldn't be that high. I set the ping threshold to 120ms or less so...


    You also shouldn't be downloading anything while running Kaillera.

  4. Edit: Just had an idea, if you people love to fight, set up some kaillera server and have some league

    We DO have a kaillera server, but unfortunately it is almost never up. :) Give Sturmy a shout and he'll put it up for ya... and don't even ASK about the location of the server. :ph34r:



    The kaillera server has usually been up everday since I started hosting it. I usually put it up when i get home (4 or 5pm), although since then, there has been little action aside from, Mooney, Diso, megaman zer0 and I.

  5. -I'm often not satisfied with my looks, but I wouldn't go as far as calling my self fugly. I've come close though, during my worst moments



    You're a damn sexy beast with that sailor hat of yours. Not the first time I've said it. Rock on zombie!


    I guess I'd qualify as a geek. Or a wannabe geek...I wish I know more about computing and hardware.

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