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  1. Hmm...I loved the first Spidey movie, and hated the second. Went to a midnight showing on Thursday.


    I have to say I wasn't expecting much, as 2 was a letdown for me. I guess I'm the minority here in that I enjoyed Spiderman 3. The villains were better in this installment, and I like how Raimi portrayed Peter's struggle with the black suit.

  2. Resident Evil 3 - Not working. Works fine through menus and intro movies, then nothing. Also it didn't recognize a vmu. Does nullDC support saving to a virtual vmu yet?


    Skies of Arcadia - Fully playable. Very minor graphical issues (I don't think the clouds were so pixelated on the dreamcast, but am too lazy to pull my DC out of the closet to confirm).


    Shenmue - Fully playable. Some very minor graphical glitches.


    Tech Romancer - Fully playable. Very fast!


    Gundam 0079 - Not working


    From what I've encountered it does have VMU support. I've been able to save my progress in Power Stone 2, and load it from the VMU in the game.

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