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  1. You can use a program by PowerQuest that'll let you edit the hex of each hard drive. BTedit i think, it's a free dos program Works like a charm, i've saved many of hard drives that way.
  2. www.suprnova and animesuki ( do a google search on it ) they've got a lot of Bit Torrents, Animesuki has a page dedicated to helping you get Bit Torrent installed for you to use to download the episodes. Better hurry with the naruto eps 70-72 are picking up and so far have been the best yet.
  3. Usually the little kids and / or the people who generally don't play these games who mash buttons, do it with no thought.. except "I have to win!". So that translate well when they push'em fast and carelessly. However, when it comes to someone who is somewhat polished on the gameplay if they mash the buttons with the same intent, they tend to pay more attention to things like openings and timings and what not, just out of their nature of knowing the game, so that tends to seize all kinds of cheapness. I myself am no good at arcade fighters, i suck with the joystick, i had built my own Mame cabinet and suck horribly at everything however give me a game pad and i'm all the better. Ha go figure.
  4. Unfortunatly, Life Aquatic isn't released yet. They are still filming it. =D So he'll be in more movies, as long as Wes Anderson is around and directing.
  5. Does anyone happen to have the mame Drivers? I've yet to find them. =X
  6. Sounds like a low profiled "mame" cabinet, minus the cabinet. Just buy a I-pac and make an acutual Arcade Controller for the PC. Thats what I did, since I tore my mame Cabinet apart. It works like a charm.
  7. Actually it was my Neocrypt.c that was out of date it seemed. I got a replacement for it and it works perfectly. Thanks for the reply though.
  8. Well i've toyed with these drivers for a while now, and have hit a point where i'm churning out the same results. So i'm curious if theres something wrong with these drivers that i have. The only games that are giving me problems are KOF2001 and KOF2002, and both are the same problem. It boots fine, everything is in order however when you insert a coin and press start you get garbled 'how to play' graphics.. as well as garbled character profile images on the Character select screen. These seem to be the only screwed up graphics, everything else displays fine. So now i'm curious, is this having to do with my decryption routine that i've got for both, or is there something else needing to be done. I fixed the problem in KOF2001 by putting in different C roms from a 'decryped' set, however i lost power bars and text. =X Anyone have any clue as to what is wrong?
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