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  1. I recently purchased a Dreamcast from eBay only to have a problem. When I plug it in and fire it up it'll immediately come to a screen asking me to adjust the date and time. Problem is I can't move the indicator to adjust it. I've tried multiple controllers, ports, etc. It boots up with the Dreamcast logo and everything, but stops. I purchased another Dreamcast on eBay that works perfectly without fault. Am I doing something wrong? I'd appreciate any help! Thanks!!
  2. Is it possible for you to give me a direct link to the "IP inserters" you're talking about? I checked out megagames.com and couldn't find anything. BTW, I downloaded DiscJuggler. Thanks for the tip.
  3. After playing PS2, XBox, etc I was bored. I had heard about the huge following the "hacker" crowd had with the Dreamcast so I figured, why not? I purchased three Dreamcasts from eBay (one for myself, girlfriend, and cousin) and have been downloading games non-stop from BitTorrent. Anyway, I've gone through the site as much as possible, but was not able to find any information on burning games with CDI extensions. Most of the games that I've downloaded are self-booting Nero images, which makes everything super easy to burn. How exactly do I make a CD bootable and also burn the CDI game on the same disc? A link to directions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a million guys! George
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