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  1. nevermind! it all turned out great I even got Ikaruga working on that setting. thanks alot for you're help.
  2. Do I set on overburn since the file is over 700? (I recall something about if the file is over 700 mb set on overburn) and do I remove add post-gap to 3rd party images?
  3. heh! tried it.. didn't work... not that easy. Whats the settings you gotta have set on? and can anyone help me out with discjuggler still?
  4. Hello I’m new here and looking for some help pretty badly. I been trying to burn bomberman online, I owned the game but due to me being so careless I have lost it, but lucky I do have a backup but need help really badly. The cdi file is 755 MB and I used these setting in discjuggler. And the result came out like this when I tried to play it. I really don’t wanna waste anymore cds I already used around 10 cds trying to burn this game and it would mean alot if someone would help me out. Thanks.
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