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  1. Hi I have mame32K and I can't find the filters to use for the game it says custom filters but that's it. Are they built into Mame or do I have to find them separately. Also if you can recommend a better mame version then the one I'm using I would appreciate it.
  2. I was using HQ4 FTW. Thatt filter is unbelievable!!! Makes shity games look HD I noticed that the problem was mainly bc of bit torrent running in the background. Is anyone using the Xbox360 wireless controller?? It's a biatch to config but does anyone know what keyboard button joy 01 x or y negative/ positive is I can't config my controller because I can't find it on my keyboard. Also any recs for another controller?
  3. Hi got a problem with FBA for the PC it's the newest revision out there my problem is it seems like it's running slow or missing frames I noticed this especially when characters jump into the air it just seems off. Is this the way it's supposed to be for this emu? Could it just be my computer?? It's an HP 2GB of ram AMD 64x2 dual core proc 500 gb Should I just go with another emu or is it my computer?
  4. 2ND that!! I don't have any games for mine either I rented a couple but nothing out right now is worth buying and why are all the ports inferior to the 360's??? I can't wait for MGS4 the only game in my opinion that is worth waiting for. I only blow the dust off my PS3 when I want to watch a bluray movie or bust out a PS2 game. 360 makes this it's biatch with or without a bluray add on.
  5. Random but I saw Rumble Fish it had Matt Dillon and Mickey Rourke in it. I didn't make it all the way through the movie but it was about street gangs. I bet that's where they got the title for the game.
  6. That and some skills!!! U need neosporin for that BuuurrrrNN!!
  7. Cool, hot guys on a gaming forum? Laughable. You guys are PWNED!!! And that was just taken from my webcam.
  8. Just the thought about it makes my nipples hard. Seriously though he hasn't pmed back so the offers still on the table.
  9. What I have an 07 Honda Civic Si teh gay.........What I wish I had would be a School bus! Like the short yellow ones I would drive all my friends around and stop the other cars on the road by flashing my lights and having the stop sign come out. I'd have fun buss written on the side of it
  10. New Here...Umm name is Mastachio it's like pastachio and mustache together sounds somethin spanish but Im not so hit me up on the xbox 360 If you want to get owned in Buggie Bunnies Um I keep it real, I occasionally break out into song and herpes....I don't know what else to say Hi everybody!!
  11. Atreyu - Lip Gloss and Black Johnny Cash - The Man comes Around DropKick Murphys - Shipping up to Boston
  12. I wasn't going to post a thread ppl were going to insult/ignore so what's the best motivator? $$$$
  13. I can't wait for this game Since it's online it might be the only game I play until the new HD KOF comes out.
  14. I Have a modded xbox but I am definitely in need of an upgrade. I have an 1080p display and would love to see these games in 1080i or 720p anyone interested in making a quick $100 let me know. Thanks
  15. HI I'm a complete newb so flame on!!!! I still cant find the !@% set for FBA-XXX Pro v1.28 I have tried the chat at #1Emu and searched xbins. but got nothin.. Remember what it was like to be a noob??? Yeah it completely blows...So if your willing to help a brotha out I will be willing to hook you up drop me a pm
  16. I went into xbins and it told me I had to be invited to join anyone else get this msg?
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