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  1. The Keys to the Kingdom series (by Garth Nix) is also very good
  2. Yeah that does sound like a pretty good idea to me. I could use a workout myself. Not that I'm fat I'm just kind of skinny so I need to build up my muscles.
  3. My favorite book series is definatly the Pendragon series (I forget the author). It's an amazing fantasy series and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in this genre. I could hardly put the latest book down after I bought it
  4. Well the Wii is cool and all but I'm getting a PS3 for my birthday and I can't wait for Resistance Fall of Man. 40-player online multiplayer!
  5. I already know I'm getting a PS3 for my birthday lol
  6. I'm new here too, so we're in the same boat. I just figured out the attack system lol
  7. I would definatly want to ride a chocobo.....and yeah I wouldn't mind riding the playboy bunny
  8. To Zanarkand from FFX and Simple and Clean (Kingdom Hearts) are my favorites
  9. oops never mind that last statement I made then
  10. Thanks I got winzip so I got it to work. Thanks for your help! Now, if anyone can tell me a good place to get DS roms, that would be greatly appreciated
  11. Ah ok thanks. Once I download winzip extract will be on the right-click menu?
  12. Ok, so I downloaded Dualis, which is in zip file format. How do I extract it so I can acually use the emulator? I searched and saw that I had to right the file and click extract, only there is no extract option on the right-click menu! Can somebody help me out here?
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