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  1. I want to be invited, I want to be invited! All we need is Glam Metal, boobs, alcohol, drugs
  2. Were you drinking when you were driving?
  3. You can't really make a sound judgement on a PS3 without sitting down with an open mind and just playing a few games on it. Too late. I already did that. I still believe it sucks. Wrong.
  4. Why the PS3 will lose: 1) PlayStation 3 is losing all the big exclusive titles they had, and going to the Xbox 360. 2) Lack of RPGs, I don't see all these developers doing RPGs like in the PS1 and PS2 eras. 3) Worse online service than Xbox Live. Plus there are worse games there, Xbox Live is getting a lot of awesome shooters. 4) PlayStation 3 is a commercial failure. And people don't waste money on failures, and don't forget the price because it's not cheap.
  5. You need a new haircut. When you post your picture, you can judge. Otherwise... zip it. I promise I will do that when I buy a camera. The problem is.. you will know my gender
  6. I'm hot, sticky and sweet, from my head to my feet yeah
  7. I love Marvel vs Capcom. I played both games on the Dreamcast and I still love them
  8. That is a decent list for me. But these Lego games are terrible.
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