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The Bravery - Fearless




I relapse like a bitch when it comes to games. Thankfully I've learned to let go of them over the years to the point where it doesn't effect me as much as they used too. Yesterday I went out for a walk for the first time in months, it was rigorous! When I came back my shoulders where hurting, from a walk! I know it's not something to be proud of, but I felt alive, I felt human, and here in reality. Instead of still in a fucking imaginary world where the only pain I feel is the pain of loneliness. I'm not saying I feel lonely on this board, hell this board has helped me so much through out the years :D, I only hope it continues (and GC as well) to push forward through all the hard times (of inactivity) to a point of normal settlement.


Switch Up: The Deer Hunter - The Procession


So yea, I took Human Anatomy this semester, I can already tell you I'm scared too shit. I don't know how to study, people tell me "open a book", I've always lived with a "click or quick" attitude towards knowledge. This isn't clicking for me, at all, and I do have to partly blame my attitude towards it (as in not trying), but the fear isn't helping at all. My other classes are general credits, although for Humanities I'm going to write a paper on Vivaldi and the Four Seasons. Specifically Summer, my favorite of the four so that's a bonus.


Switch Up: Eminem - Beautiful


I know I'm disappointed with his new album, extremely disappointed. But this one song is a hit, I dare anyone to listen to it and call it trash. It's message is some shit we all need in our lives plenty, even the smiley types that seem to be perfect all the time. O another thing I did yesterday was delete Guild Wars. I think I went a month and a half of it this time. I took it out because my semester started and I still haven't done much study time. Hell I haven't done much of anything since I installed it, just wake-play-eat-shit-bath-sleep-wake-play... If I manage to get somewhere in life where I end up studying the Human Mind I know I'm going to have to devote some of my time to the "MMO Addiction". You don't need years of study to realize that too much of anything is a bad thing, but maybe there is a way of stopping it from occurring inside other people's heads. Or destroying it all together, what if addiction was destroyable by a simple drug? Would it be right to implement that into some of us? Maybe it's because "addiction" exists that we know our limits, or is the exact form of obsession some of us have with things we love. That's an over thought for you right there. Well, I'm gonna go walk again, when I come, I'm going to open my text book, hopefully read instead of falling asleep.



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