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The entire day, my room, my thoughts




As I start writing this, I am currently cleaning my room. This afternoon I woke up tired, depressed, out of thought, and wondering to myself, "What the hell am I doing?".


The only thing I can think of to make me remotely happy at the moment is clean up my room and whatever else in the house that needs to be cleaned.


I feel like a whining kid, constantly screaming at the public and others for all my problems, even though I realized nearly 2 years ago, that they are all MY problems. I always ask myself why in stories certain characters, certain main characters, always have a "Push" on their side. This "Push" is always usually someone older who's been through similar situations and will always be there to help the other person succeed. Where the hell is my push? I don't see it! I don't own one! I've only ever had rent-a-push's! Grr, w/e, I'm loosing weight, fuck you guys, I'm loosing weight.


Back to cleaning.....


Woot, now I'm cleaning my internal sh!t (IE: COMPUTER), I seriously hate doing it, but because I'm such a tidy person on a PC anyways it tends to be ezsauce, and yes, that word is real. Man I can't believe how sad I am, I tell myself I'm a man but I still feel like a tiny sh!t waiting to grow into a fucking tree, and jesus Gamecop, turn off the word filter already, that crap is annoying.com! I have a to type an entire paragraph just to properly say the word FUCK, and screw you, cursing isn't a form of dis-respect or low-life trash talk, it's a art, and you have to know how and when to say it, just because it feels uncomfortable when you curse (because your fucking mother told you so) doesn't mean you should criticize or judge those that perform the act ritually as a form of a freedom. One question I have to you all, do you all honestly still call me or see me as Drake?


Yay! Time to reformat!


I need to start downloading ost's again of good (and bad) games. I miss vg music :banghead:.


I'm done cleaning, now what? Bleh, guess I'll go live life.



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