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I'm bamboozled.




who is the scariest killer/monster from a scary movie?  

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My mind is a con-artist and I am the consumer awaiting it's next product. As pain full as it is to bear the thought of the unknown, I'm starting to smile before reaching walls filled with blind dust, had these walls been in an RPG then they would be the most broken thing in the game for as soon as you encounter them the screen goes black until defeated. That's how the future feels, and in that emotion I wrote down some things I'd like to accomplish before death himself stares at me in the eye, and shakes his head in despair. Having had a heart as strong as mine, he'd recent the fact that my times up, as will I.



Striking courage in the hearts of the weak.

Finding out the point of purpose and discovering mine.

Write a book.

Get a killer body. (Personal!)

Learn to 100% control my dreams, and in that aspect how to read them as well.

Direct a Sonic game that doesn't suck.

Get a degree higher then a Masters.

Visit the great locations of the current planet.

Find a woman. (Specific is too personal)

Kill fear.


It's a small list, and while I know I can accomplish of the majority of them before I turn 30, I also know that it won't happen unless I do the last one first. Lately I got the advice that a much better way of handling the last option, would be to increase my courage, and in doing so I'll knock of the first one as well, I'm pro, but I do have my weak points, and that's cool. If anyone is ever born perfect, point me to them, so I can show you true perfection.



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