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I can't sleep



It's 4 a.m, I have yet to complete my Math homework and because of this I am unable to sleep. I am also unable to begin my Math homework because any time I begin to do any form of remote work I get so pissed in knowing that after I'm done with this bullshit I have another pile waiting for me tomorrow! What's the point anyway? Even when I'm doing the things I love (IE: Writing, anything Video-Game related) it doesn't advance me in any other way besides the "Road" put down by man himself, and when I think about that, all I see coming out of my head is that fact that no matter how you see yourself the bar of human stays equal and your ass would never be above mine as mine will never be above yours. I'm just tired of the same fucking (Gamecop, seriously censorship is for guys who like in the back!) routine every day. Wake up (if I'm not going through a night like this one), go to school, come back home, eat, play games or go to a friends house and play games there, come back home if I'm not home and eat again, sleep or go through another night like tonight. I know that even if there isn't a point, life is much better lived off with you having accomplished something, no matter how small that something is, but even though I know that, my brain malfunctions at the idea of attempting a useless action when the outcome is not known, and if I attempt to look at it from a interesting perspective then my heart kicks in, and laughs at me for doing it for the wrong reasons.


I ask myself "Whats the point?", and every time my body responds with the words "There is none".


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