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-NYC- -Hampton- -Maine- -Boston-




Sum of all Trips;

Bought games and shirts tax free in New Hampshire, including Bioshock Limited Edition ($60.00 - NO TAXES FTW). Got some action in Hampton with a nice waitress french girly, then I proceeded to get lost the morning after staying with her overnight. NYC Bagels, Maine fried clams and boston lobster meals. Along with an actual Taco Bell meal (Canadian Taco Bell sucks compared to the sheer amount of crap we got at an American Taco Bell) and various other fast foods


Day 1: Drove into NYC, didn't buy anything except some bagels then left the city for Hampton Beach.


Arriving sometime around 13:20 and checked in hotel then proceeded to the beach for women and food. Spent the rest of the day doing this until around 17:00. Found a very popular seaside restaurant & bar that was closing down for some reason. I think we went through a box of coronas from the bar section while eating our meals. Seafood related meals. I asked the waitress serving us if I could take her picture. Leading some of my drunk cousins to say various things in relation to me trying to get her. Due to being partly buzzed, it got me to ask her what she was doing after her shift. Which resulted in me taking a private tour of the beach front with her at night, more booze, sex and her phone number. All that which stemmed from "I want to take a picture of our cute waitress" while I was drinking down some coronas.


Had no clue how to get back to my hotel. Spent my time waiting for them to call my cel at her apartment. Which was fun! -> Day 2


Day 2:


They picked me from the restaurant since I was told to meet them there and the waitress was going the same way.


Picked me up, they jokingly comment bout crap. They even mention my age, she was thrown off a little by that since she's about 22~23 and I'm 19. Said my bye and "hope to see/pleasure you again" then we headed to Maine for lunch. Stopped at this small, but very popular out door local fast food place serving clam-dishes. Had Clamchodah in a bread bowl with fried clams (clams in batter then deep fried) and a clam sandwich. EXCELLENT STUFF. The chodah was a great wake up call since I didn't eat in the morning (insert sexual innuendo here about eating something else) and the sandwich (sautayed clams+bell peppers+house sauce+lettuch+tomato) & fried clams were too good with house sauce dip. Cheap too, something like 30 bucks for all 4 of us.


We then proceeded to drive around Maine for anything else. We did this for a while. Found a mall, arcade was crap. Like the arcade at Hampton Beach, 5 arcades not one of them had anything. One of them had a DDRSuprnova machine. Not a single fighter in sight other then Marvel vs Capcom. And the sticks to that were broken to boot. This arcade didn't have anything recent other then MvC2 and Tekken 4. These guys don't bother, maybe because it's a touriest state.


On the way back, headed to Fox Run Mall, one of the main tourist attractions of New Hamsphire are the tax free malls. Bought some stuff, including a Gears of War shirt from a Hot Topic. TTT (Used)/Rune Factory(New)/Bioshock Limited Ed./Izuna (New)/Nightshade (used)


Day 3:


Woke up at 6, ate breakfast, packed our crap, turned in our keycards and headed to boston. We arrived during a traffic jam and proceeded to get lost in the city. Had chinese at lunch. Clam and shrimp dishses with some fried noodles+beef & brocoli. 47 dollars well spent. Filled us up well. Wandered around till 4 and bought a boston pizza, along with that I bought a lobster sandwich which was 12~ dollars.


Then we begin the trip home with occasional stops to buy random crap.



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