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Around the pond....







So one track got me interested into listening to her stuff. That song was "One Two Three Four" off her new album The Reminder. Which is worth the funds AS SOON AS I GET MONEY.


Now I'll start it off with "One Two Three Four," the leading single off the album. Of what I assume is about a couple who have now changed and matured enough to reminisinced on their "teenage love" and how their hopes have changed. Seeminly sung innocently to the listener. Might give you a hit (if your emotional) about how being a teenager is. Fun song to listen too, and the video is very enjoyable with the dancing. I highly suggest checking out her album.


The artist to the comic I'm writing is back to school and is busy as ever and we're a little behind schedule on our first batch of pilot editions to send to a few people. We're also toying around with the idea of the title again. Arcanium (Without the "Stadium" part), The Last General and Momentary Lapse are our current favorites. Of course the original title is still up, but I think it died out. Also it's too obvious an reference to music (Stadium Arcadium being an album by the Peppers).


Also reviews of Melty Blood+ReACT+FINAL TUNED+Melty Blood Act Cadenza Ver.B will be made into ONE review. Both Tomb Raider Legend and Anniversary are also to be completed, as well as Bioshock, which I recently got working by disabling all the High Res pass options and Rune Factory Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon DS, Izuna: The Unemployed Ninja and Pokemon Daimond & Pearl, which was partly written already. These are on my list to complete but I'm swamped with writing chores on the comic and a script adaption of Part III of the series.


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