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Girl troubles



Girls are the most tricksy and mysterious beings on the planet. I swaer, if I could reproduce asexually, I would never have to deal with another devious female...


So there's this girl I like. She recently hooked up with another guy. He's a year older than we are. She's in my math class. We usually are in the same group when doing math exercises. She smiles at me a lot, and laughs at all of my jokes. Today, while working in a group on a math worksheet, she reached over to my paper and started writing an answer down for me with her hand resting on mine. I had the strongest urge to just lean forward and plant a big wet one on her lips. I did not. From what I've seen, she's not really that physical with any other guy but her boyfriend. I'm so confused...


If any guy ever fully understands women, I will give him all of my money and valuable possessions to teach me how. :blink:


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Well thats not as bad as me. Im kind of in "L**E" with my best friend for YEARS!!!! And she once told me i was off Limits............:blink:

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