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About a week ago I took a test at Driver's Ed to get my permit. A few days ago I went to get my permit. And today... I drove.


At first I was just driving around in an empty parking lot, doing things like going forward, reverse, speeding up, braking, turning, and parking. Then I went into a residential area, where only one person passed me, and I didn't cause any collisions. I did not hit any other cars, I did not hit any pedestrians, I did not cause any accidents, and I only went up on the curb once. I am quite proud of myself. :)


So yeah, woot and all that. :)

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Get yourself something american with some muscle. You'l love it.Mines only a V6, but a v8 sounds even better, I posted a link of mine and the GT at the bottom.th_PICT0673.jpg

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