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Game related Injuries

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    ĐR€ĹMÇŧT ]v[ŘD

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Have you ever suffered a game related injury?

This might have been done before, I can't remember. Anyway, 2 days ago I suffered a game related injury. I was playing timesplitters 2 GC with two of my flatmates and I was winning by a big margain. Now I was being cheap (I was the monkey character and if you have played you will know why that is being cheap :P ) and my friend was really annoyed because I kept fragging him. Anyway to cut the story short I said something to put him off and he got so annoyed that he went to threw the controller onto the big cushion that was right next to me. Suffice to say he aims like an American missile so he managed to throw it right into my groin. It was so painful! but I did probably deserve it.

So has anyone else suffered something similar or even worse? Please tell :lol:




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No Injuries, Just heavy laughing and spills on my friend's carpet. :P

The only FRustrating I seen was when My Brother Got Mad Over NFL gameday 98 and threw the controller breaking 5 cds in the process :lol:



    Cyborg Admin

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Football - 3 severe concussions, 2 minor. 1 popped rotator cuff (Which is a severely dislocated shoulder) and 1 broken hand
Hockey - 2 severe concussions, 1 minor. 2 broken fingers (I play goal) and 1 bruised knee.

Oh...were talking VIDEO game related injuries.
NONE, unless the slight case of chronic tendonitis in my hand is caused by too many games played. Though I think it's a bit of everything. :P



    Spoony Bard

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My carpet still has sunkist in it.... anyway once, one of my buddies got pissed at his PSX demo disc and threw it. He musta sucked at throwing cuz it hit me in the neck... that hurt




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Yeah I had one. Only one that I could think of at least. In the first Mario Party there was this one mini-game where you had to rotate the joystick really fast. Well using your thumb apparently wasnt fast enough. My friend and I would use our palms. We actually did it so fast that we took off skin from our palms. Very painful. People were actually writing to Nintendo Power about this too and they replied with an N64 glove that they were selling for $5.

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