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sound card help


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1.i just bought a new sound card

it is a "creative sound blaster live"

i installed but when i hear any sound on my comp. they have alot of static


2.and i also have thse logitech speakers that have 6 speakers and 1 sub, but only 3 speakers and the sub play (it says something about needin the sound card to play all speakers


here is how i connected my speakers Back of my comp


here is the speakers i have logitech speakers

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Hmm... These things come in my mind....


Try a different driver..... Try finding a lower version, a higher version, just try a different driver.


Secondly, is your computer overclocked? Overclocked computers also overclock their PCI/AGP hardware as well (They're related).


Third, what Windows are you using? If You're using Windows 98 or above use the drivers that have WDM over them.

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