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eXclusive: KOF 2004 Special (Hacked) Video Clips!


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King of Fighters (Hacked)

2004: Special Edition




King of Fighters 2004 was sold on eBay which was a Hacked King of Fighters. Many have confirmed it as a FAKE, however, this video should change your mind. The video was recorded from a Cell Phone. However you can see the game still in action. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003 is like King of Fighters 2004. Just like CTHD 2003, it is a Hack, the moves are the same. It is a bad hack. For KOF 2004SP, the background has more color then CTHD 2003. In fact, CTHD 2003 is 16 colors. KOF 2004SP has far more than 16 colors. But the system of the game and the moves didn't change at all. Also you'll find nude women in one of the background. It is not much different than KOF 2002. The backgrounds are just really the main difference.

»» Download it Now! (HTTP Direct Download) *UPDATED*

»» King of Fighters Special Editon 2004 Thread

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I turned my firewall off and all. I'll mess around with that stuff later, I have other work to do.


And you can't register for the tracker, you can just view it.


EDIT: Alright, I change my listening to port to something above 40000.

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The Torrent Tracker is fully functional for guests. That is its purpose. The registration/login option is currently only for Staff Members. To download files from the Torrent Tracker, just click the file name on the download page or click on the red icon by the torrent name on the main index page and the download will start.


I have tested the download just now again, and it worked. :)

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We have noticed the problem with the Torrent Tracker and we have uploaded the actual file (not the torrent) to the downloads section. The updated link is in the first post.


Enjoy and post your comments here. :)

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