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RAW 2 for XBOX???


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Okay heres the deal guys I am hearing outstanding, and wonderful things about this sequel. I know the first raw on x box was garbage but this one from what I hear shows real promise. If you can't tell already I am a HUGE wrestling game fan, so if you have any pics or info please post it all here, I don't have access right now to ign or videogames.com because it's all for the paying customers, all the info I found on raw 2 that is. Also all the none paying sites seem to lack pictures of the game. I heard there are a bunch of pictures already in a wrestling chat room. So please hook me, and all other wrestling fans out by posting all RAW 2 xbox related stuff here, thanks in advance.

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I have only seen a few pictures but I hope to god that Raw 2 is better than the first one. Raw on Xbox was pure eye candy but anyone here will testify that emulation lovers prove that graphics mean nothing without the gameplay.


My main gripe is that THQ choose a different control system for every wrestling game they make. It's pretty obvious that the Smackdown PS2 one is more fluid and fun to play, so hopefully they get rid of the old slow crap on Raw 1.


anyway, the big new things are many more game modes, a season mode (big miss from the first game), a better CAW mode with lots more options, and probably other stuff. I just want better controls and I will be happy. If it is anything like No Mercy on N64 then I will be happy because that is probably the only wrestling game which I have ever truely loved.

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