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[09/30/04] Alien Vs Predator

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Game: Alien vs. predator

System: Arcade

Emulators: MAME




This game I feel is the pinnacle of the scrolling 2D fighter. This came out a year after the punisher one which I also recommend you check out. This game feels as if Capcom have looked at final fight and just improved and polished every part of the game. The game’s plot involves aliens taking over earth and two humans are caught in the think of it when suddenly two predators appear and tell them to come with them if they want to live.




You can select one of four different characters 2 humans and 2 predators. This is one of the games best features as playing the game through with each character is totally different. The army man has a giant robotic arm instead of a normal hand so as you would expect this makes him slow but powerful. The woman is a ninja type character who is weak but fast with the most special moves. The predators have the more useful weapon with greater reach and are generally more rounded characters.




Well I suppose your wondering what makes this game different from the many other side scrollers? Well for starters characters have all the usual side scrolling moves , (e.g. jump and attack cause a health drain special, being able to grab baddies) however they all have weapon with a power bar at the bottom left of the screen. This can be shot whenever you want but shoot to many times and it will over heat or need to be reloaded, this really adds a new strategy to the game of when to conserve power and when to let rip. Also each character has their own special moves involving simple up, down then attack combinations. For example the woman can double press forward and slash baddies with a samurai sword while the predator hunter can rising uppercut or slide kick the bad guys.




This game also has an incredible amount of items dropped including marine guns from the aliens films and predator discs. There are many aliens to fight and this gives the feeling of an alien swam of that will just keep coming at you.


This game also has three elevator fights in it, the more elevators the better in this kind of game J.


The few downsides to this game are that the environments can get a bit samey but your normally too busy to notice this. Also the usual unfair arcade boss appears round half way though (play it and see if you can work out which one I mean).


Overall tough this game is great fun for two players.



Controls: 8/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Graphics: 9/10

Sound: 8/10


Overall Score: 8.5

Grade: B


Overall I give this game a thumbs up

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