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CFJ Updates.


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So, here's the final roster (excluding possible secret characters). I dunno if i'm reposting these so if I am, an admin can feel free to delete this thread.


What do u guys think? Personally I think NGBC has a better lineup, but Capcom has a good lineup too. Only complaint I have is Karin, I think they could've swapped her for someone more interesting from the Alpha series, or kept Karin and excluded Sakura since we have Ryu. I think Gen would've been nice to see, or Sodom.

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Not to rain down, but umm *cough*

Search is a wonderful function.


NGBC is on my list. But Capcom won battle, but SNK won the war.

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i really like the menu setup. it really has a nice organization, especially how they got the titles of their respected games.


as much as i want to play this game, i also wanna check out NGBC. two intercompany fighting games, how exciting~! CFJ(E) looks really good though. maybe even better than 3rd strike and CVS..i hope so..

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