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Avi shrinking


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How can I make my avi files smaller so they can fit onto 700mb blank Cd-Roms? The 3 avis size are 741 mb, 705mb, and 761 mb. I just want to cut the credits out, and that i dun want to compress it. Cause then my dvd player won't play it.

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Encode it to a lower bitrate.


Thats compressing video. Or using a different codec.


Or, since it's in 3 parts. Merge them together, then re-encode them as 1 650-700MB divx file.

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No Use Dr. Divx, Divx Are EXTREAMLY Small, I Have Rencoded A Movie And It Was 300-ish Mbs And It Looks Great.

At the cost of lowering the bitrate and audio samples it becomes smaller. Althought the ratio of compression is larger, it removes a real big deal of encoding data. If you plan on playing it a TV via DIVX player, you'll notice the reductions during the movie.

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