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[8/30/04] Kirby's Adventure

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Game Name: Kirby's Adventure

Systems: Nes

Genre: Platform

Emulators: Jnes, Nesticle





It was only a matter of time before I started to review the kirby series :)


Well, Kirby's Adventure takes place in Dreamland. One day, the inhabitants of Dreamland Couldn't dream. Kirby went to investigate the Dream Fountain which sprouts dreams. The Dream Fountain was powered by the star rod but it was missing. Kirby found out that King Dedede stole the star rod, broke it into many pieces, and gave it to his friends who are hiding in Dreamland. Kirby has defeat the friends and recover the Star rod.



You travel around to different dungeons on a map thing. Theres not much you can travel in but you can practice controls and new powers here without worrying about getting killed. As you beat levels, new levels pop up as well as games and helpful features.



Kirby's Adventure has pretty simple controls. You can move, dash, jump, and fly. Flying is usually the easy way to get through levels so you won't get hit, and it also makes a fireball thing when you shoot the air out. Kirby can kill enemies by eating them. He sucks them up and you can either spit them out at other enemies or digest them. There are some special enemies that allows Kirby to gain their powers. Some powers Kirby can get are sword, ice, fire, spark, etc...



You can press start to see information on what the new power you got does. If you don't like the power, you can discard it by pressing the select button. Its pretty simple. Bosses also give you unique powers. Later on, you can find the bosses powers in enemies. There are also powers that you can only use once or 3 times but they are extremly powerful!



To not to make people bored with the game, you can find extra levels in the map. The one shown here is a museum which allows Kirby to get a free power. There are also mini games such as the crane game that allows Kirby to get free extra ups. These can be helpful especially if the power you have sucks.


After each level, there is a bonus round that you have to catapult kirby in the air to get points or items. If you can do it successfully, you get a 1up. It goes pretty fast so you have to be ready I suppose.


Music is pretty nice. Its all about being catchy without trying to annoy you.


Anyways, what can i say? This is a pretty fun, straightforward game. Theres not much you can get stuck on, and it was the start of a great series and a character. As you can see from my screenshots, I enjoy the sword as my main power :D


Gameplay: 9.5

Controls: 9

Sound: 9

Graphics: 9


Grade: A

Overall I give this game a :thumbsup:

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