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how do i transfer cd to hard drive


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Ey ba gum, i was woundering how i say take a full game on my pc and transfer it entirely to hard drive you know so i dont have to use the cd at all?

is it a hard process to do?

i was woundering because my freind wants a game of me so we can play multiplayer on the net?

if i know how to do htis i will be very happy indeed.


i aint got a cd burner yet so untill then it would be cool a website to tell me or help from you would be appreciated guys.

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isobuster sucks..... do this.... make an image of your CD.. use blindwrite to do this.. www.blindwrite.com... make the image a bin/cue... then goto www.daemon-tools.com and get Daemon Tools.... mount the drive and load the image u made from your CDROM.... it makes a virtual CDROM/DVD drive.. therefore u can get away with not using your CD... its also good for speed concerns if your CDrom is too slow... hope it helps




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